Thursday, August 13, 2015

Friday Eve

Friday tomorrow !


This means bacon sandwiches. Maybe - the baps they come in are white and floury which can upset my breathing ... although it is bacon.
It's likely to be another hectic day tomorrow at work. I'm taking next week as leave because I need to recharge those batteries again. Yeah. The tiredness has been hitting but as usual for me, I get that second wind in anticipation of having the time off. Or at least I do at the start of the week, I was feeling it today before busy-hyper let me ignore it.

Although a message of "I think my dodgy hip is anticipating weather cos ... Crikey OUCH !" It felt like the bit that has problems developed a tear again and it was getting painful to get walking at times. Yep. Body reminding me that it's a bit old and broken now. But it was worth it when I earned that damage through the cricket and the other running around stuff. Oh - severe weather was warned here today but didn't actually arrive. Grim skies but not much wet stuff. Not that I noticed at least (too busy to look out the windows at work)

Yeah - body's getting ready for some chilled out time over the next week. However ... I have plans ...

If I escape from work in time tomorrow, I'm planning to head into the centre of town for ... chilled out wandering, munchies from the coffee place, perhaps a film, definitely some Shaun hunting.

I'm at a lowly 4, a friend (who has declared COMPETITION and therefore there is now a Rivalry) has seen 8 and another friend has seen 48. I don't think I'll get anywhere near 48 but I hope to get some walking in to see a few.

I have other plans too - walking to see Shauns is a big one, hopefully my legs will cooperate.

I'll be chillin' when I have to retreat to the house (still repairing, very slowly). There will be lots of music listened to over the next week.

Cricket will be on, it's the quarter final stages of the domestic Twenty 20 series, those games are usually worth watching. And then there's the final game of the Ashes. Fingers crossed for a 4-1.

I suspect we'll see Man From Uncle next week too. That's a remake of a cracking 60s era spy series. The trailer looked fairly good when we watched Fantastic Four although it was silly for them to show two trailers for it before that movie.

There may be a little bit of techie shopping ... I suspect that the device I use to send music between my Macbook and my amplifier is dying. It keeps cutting out and I have to power cycle it sometimes once an evening. I shouldn't need to do that. My options are :

Apple TV - with the added bonus of it allowing me to send video from iPad to telly as well as music to the amp.
Bluetooth receiver - just another way of getting music across the room without using a wire.

Cos a wire ... I'd trip up over it.

I'll do some of the Internet Spaceships too. I'm almost at the next trading rank ... I'll get there in the next session perhaps. There's also a new Community Goal where a space station is looking for "industrial materials" (semiconductors, superconductors) to upgrade itself. That means ... PROFIT. And my inner Ferengi Gaming Instinct has had its attention drawn to that.

Movies at home too. I'm halfway through watching the Lord Of the Rings and Hobbit movies, although I think I'll actually break from those because I kinda want to watch a few others again like Moon, Final Fantasy (yes, I meant that), the Robert Downey Jr Sherlock movies and whatever else catches my eye. I have Ex Machina too, which is an incentive to get this place sorted out so I can entice someone over to watch it maybe ?

Last one - need a plumber to sort out my heating ... That could be ouchies on the wallet.

So it could well be a busy week ! Not so busy as others. Hope someone's day goes well tomorrow. It's going to be a big event.

Pizza tomorrow night as well. NEED.

I wonder how much mayhem will happen next week ?
I need to get some books to read too.

I'll leg it there but one last pic :
That's "System Crash" and may well resemble me, curled up with my pizza in front of the cricket tomorrow night. Cya !

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