Sunday, August 09, 2015

Keep Calm and I dunno ... Fly Casual

It's Balloon Fiesta weekend at the moment in Bristol.

It's an annual thing with ... you know ... lots of balloons and a fiesta. It was actually really good when I went to one ... I dunno maybe 10 years ago ? Perhaps more ! I do remember that it was with the work-ish mob, CK, CQ and BD. RCA was there too but not her wife Kat. I actually drove RCA's car, as her heart problems had taken a pounding from the walk back to the car.

I can't remember if Ravenwolf was there, which would date it much closer.

I vaguely remember it being pretty good fun and I'd happily go there again. Not this year (more in a sec), which means I miss Stuart :
Here's more about Stuart from the Bristol Post.

The Balloon Fiesta is held at Ashton Court, which I mean to go to sometime soon, probably my week off, because there are a few Shaun The Sheeps there. I'm at 4, a good friend is at 8 and another old friend was at 48 (probably more now !). But I'm giving it a miss this year.

I think I missed the sweet spot to go, which would have been Thursday night when the crowds would have been a bit less manic. The Balloon Fiesta has kinda crept up on me this year and my legs and ankles aren't quite yet in a condition where I want to have boots rubbing at vulnerable places. I'm so close to being healed but still just that too far off to risk it just yet. Maybe next year, or is that a bit of agoraphobia induced by the condition of my outsides ...

In that case, it's something I need to address quick !

I have a week in work next week, then a week off and I'm planning to do a few Shaun Trails on that week off. Balloon Fiesta will be on again next year, it'll be a while before we see more Shaun's. I'm still a little sad that I missed out on the Gromits.

Mind you, if someone were to call ? I wonder if I'll get to photo someone with the Shauns.

And wow, this post has already gone more wordy than I thought I had words in me today. I'm currently watching my third Castle of the day (I save stuff up, watch them in batches) and I'll soon be doing the Internet Spaceship Thing. It's relaxing and it's kind on my ankles as my hands are too busy on the controls to have that idle hands doing mischief thing.

But first - more pics !
That can be a good thing. (Spelling is good too !)
See ?

I'm also hoping to watch a few movies in my week off. The work-ish mob plan to see Fantastic Four this week. I have huge doubts about that one. I really enjoyed the two films with Jessica Alba, Ioan Gruffudd, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis and I really don't know why they've come back to the franchise, except for the trend of redoing all the superhero movies to death. It sounds like this one is appalling, I'll watch the Angry Joe review before deciding whether this is another potential Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles travesty.

But for this week, I'll watch Hobbit 3 again tonight, first time I'll have seen that since a lovely evening with Cupid's Gift back in December last year. And then it'll be either the 3 Lord of the Rings movies or perhaps even the 2005 Fantastic Four movie and its sequel to take away what I think will be a bad taste from this one.

So many movies out at the moment, I think I'd prefer to see Mission Impossible 47 (post-ed that was a completely number but there happens to be a Hitman 47 remake coming too, first movie was great) or The Man From Uncle when it releases at the end of the week. Inside Out is worth seeing as well. Story is perhaps a little weak but Pixar make up for that with their usual magic.

For now, a little more trading in that Internet Space Game before perhaps trying again for the Journey To The Centre Of The Galaxy (spoken in that "In A World ..." epic trailer voice). I've switched over to the "Mel and Sue ...", named in honour of the Bake Off :
Doth My Stern Look Big In This Stable ? It fits ... but you probably want to deflate the tyres for more headroom.

A little nod to the film Bill, coming out 21 August, which looks pretty promising.

There's a bit more trade grinding to do in that before I get to the next level, I may do some shooting too and I'll be looking for enough in game cash to get an Asp to go to the Asp End Of Beyond.

I might see you there but before then, fly, drive, walk, run, jog, skip, ride (and however many ways of getting about you can think of !) safe :
Cya !

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