Friday, May 29, 2015

What do they say about plans ?

I had a couple of potential plans today.

I'm building up quite a respectable reserve of flexi credit, plus I try and avoid working Friday pm's if I can help it. I do 37 hours over the week, so longer days in the week, short day Friday but if there's stuff to be done, I'll make sure it's done right.

These guys make plans too :
Watch out for the black cat.
Plans today ?

Leg it early (translation - lunchtime) and watch Mad Max ... or watch the cricket. I thought it might be the film because whites and red balls were spawning rain clouds again.

And the insanity of Mad Max would have been perfect considering I'd been talking assumptions and risk all morning (and most of the afternoon). Mad Max will wait and the cricket actually happened. If you have a choice between live entertainment (yep. I'm weird. I count cricket as entertainment.) and recorded stuff, then you should really choose the live stuff.

So that's today. I'll have the cricket on for the rest of the weekend, although the weather reports say that I may well be watching rain on Sunday instead of cricket (in which case ... MAD MAX !)

Only a week now until I have a week off. I've been hanging in there but am still burning that exhaustion candle down to the N. It manifests in things like me not wanting to expend the mental effort to play the computer games in the evening. And if you know me, I do like my pooter games. I also like nattering to people and LTK and Cupid's Gift have been awesome lately in putting up with all the crazy messages that go their way.

And there's another little lady at work who I'm hoping can put the bad times behind her too. She looks out for me and I like to return the favour. If a little crazy can help her to remember her smile, that's awesome.

The away trip yesterday was pretty good too. I got to see a few people that I rarely see, including one lovely lady who gave me the big wave from across the office, another who was wondering if I'd be helping out her meeting instead of the one I was going to (must think I know Stuff !) and a few others who broke out in that smile when they caught my eyes.

There must be some secret there. If you find out, let me know cos it's a mystery to me why people who barely know me smile at me like that. (I'm not complaining, it leads to me getting the choice bits at takeaway places, amongst other benefits)

Uhoh. Ramble detector is going off.

Enjoy your weekends ! Pray for good weather :
Hope it doesn't turn contrary :
And if you have an unhappy moment, I know someone with the solution.
Here's one I knew from a while ago :
Yep. Hug pooch. Get slurped. That's an old one ... The pooch is Goldie in his prime, he's been gone a long time now. I miss him and especially his ability to Run Very Fast as well. Goldie would find you and he would very definitely lick you.

Lovely pooch ! Enjoy your weekends :-)

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