Monday, May 18, 2015

Beware the random picture

And the random link to youtube posts.

Currently listening to Nina Persson's solo album, Animal Heart and it's a cracker. It really shows off her voice. It's not a perfect voice but she puts it to incredible purpose. I'll sit up and listen and pause everything to just drink it in.

And perhaps wreck it by singing (croaking?) along too.

Random Pictures ?

There's so much hype out there at the moment about various games. The one that's being unleashed on us tonight is The Witcher 3, the third in a hugely successful series. I have to admit, I've only partly played through the first game and while I own the second (groan - sales again), I haven't played that one at all. The third one is massively anticipated and I know a few people will be going like this tonight :
Not me though. I've been trying to catch up on my sleep. Sleep lately has been something I've kinda been afraid of as it's been taking ages to drop off and while I do, the fidget makes me damage my arms more which sets back the healing.

I mentioned domestic stuff in one of my weekend posts didn't I ? What do all those symbols mean anyway ?
Does that make it any clearer ?

About that sleep, good job I'm not a stormtrooper.
And there's always a cure. Or maybe not a cure but a mask for the tiredness :
We'll be over there watching with extreme curiosity.

It's a short couple of weeks for me at work, I have Friday off as well as next Monday. And it's already Monday night so no need for this for a while :
Good plan. It's almost over.

One last one ? I know a few people who will recognise this :
I know someone who's glued to her phone and I find it adorable. It's a sign of how giving she is with her time because that phone time is mostly the giving and receiving of messages.

One last one before good night ?

If you've stuck with me so far :
That's you. Yes you. You know who I mean. But it's especially you. You're special. Good night !

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