Saturday, May 09, 2015

Continuing Adventures of Cmdr Sleepy

I think this could be another theme ... I have a few of those.

There are the random ramblings. I occasionally go ranty but I'm not keen on doing that. Besides, there's always that filter on my whinging where certain topics, certain thoughts, aren't for public viewing. You never quite know who's looking !

There are the music posts. I do enjoy doing these, as it gives me a great excuse to listen to some of my most favourite songs via the youtubes. But I don't think many people click on the links to the videos. Sometimes it feels like a "Look at the size of my music collection" brag too. I don't like to brag. The dominant feeling when I look at how much music I've collected is that I like a wide variety of music. Never a bad thing.

There are the whingy posts where I say how I've struggled. These have their place. I find it really helps if I can quantify what's getting me down. To get the thoughts collected and organised. They act as a kind of reset where I can take stock, shape up and move on. And it usually does help too.

But - smiles from Pretty Ladies are usually way better. And that includes messages where I'm imaging a Pretty Lady smiling and chuckling at me while she's tapping out the message.

There used to be a series of cricket posts. I'll still post about that but with me not playing any more, the source material isn't there to build a post on.

Movies are an occasional post too, as well as me taking excuses to put the adorable Ben (he's a popular puppy) on screen.

And now the gaming posts are coming back ... This used to be either WoW or Eve, now it's going into the territory of the Elite Dangerous pilot. I think I'm liking that game perhaps a little too much. It is a rather pretty game and there's still a decent amount going on in it. The latest community goal is a trading initiative where you take agricultural machinery to Diso to help them with their farming. The last one involved bounty hunting to clear the pirates out of Zaonce.

The big thing that made Elite grab my attention is that it appeals to that inner adolescent in me that while growing up, wanted to be a Space Pilot, going on missions in outer space. And this game lets me escape this life and act out those early ambitions by plying the tradelanes out there, fighting or running from the pirates or just getting out there and exploring.

But there is something very important to consider - games should never be more important than real life and if they start feeling like a job, that's when it's time to walk away. That's why I fell out of love with WoW and Eve, I wasn't enjoying playing them any more and it was actually more fun working in my proper job than doing the grinding these games demanded. Ok, WoW has less of the grind now as it accommodates the recent influx of players suffering from entitlement but that's part of why I went away, it offered me zero challenge outside of accommodating daft mechanics in the boss battles.

Back to Elite !

I need a ship name. I've just upgraded to a Python :
Yep. It's not much to look at but it's a great all rounder. I currently have it set up for lots of cargo carrying but you can also use it as a really nasty combat ship and I suspect it would do ok as an explorer too. It can land at the smaller outpost stations as well, so when this farming community goal is all done, I'll look to use it to run lots of missions for naval ranks, these let you buy more ships.

Oh dear. It's sounding like working again isn't it ? I walk away from the game when it starts feeling like that. I used to be reasonably competitive in the games but ... if it isn't fun, why are you playing the game ? And putting pressure on yourself to advance through as quick as possible, is how you quickly evaporate the fun out of a game.

A name for the Python ?
Monty is banned. That's way too obvious.
IMV* Michael Palin has potential. I loved his travelogues which started with Around The World In 80 Days, a modern day attempt to recreate the journey in the book.
*(Independent Merchant Vessel)
Sid. As in Hissing.
"Oh please god don't hit anything". When I bought it, I literally didn't have enough money to fill the cargo hold. And if you lose the ship and can't cover the 5% value insurance, you're back in the starting ship. Oops. I've just managed to get enough back in the bank to cover the insurance but there's a massive amount of upgrading to do.
"Making Miss Millie Proud". There seem to be a lot of Miss Millies but one of them makes Big Cookies, which fits in with my usual theme for trading vessels.
"Firefly Enterprises". That's more like a company name than a ship name.
"Pegasus Rising". Spot the scifi series that one is inspired by. Actually it could be two series that I immediately think of.
"Sky Eagle". I like that one but that name deserves to be on something much shinier, prettier and littler than the Python.

Any more ideas for a name for my Python ?

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