Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pizza ... coma ...

Off work now for 4 whole days !

I have another week off coming in a fortnight but ... it's bank holiday time over here which means a bit of downtime. I've been looking forward to it for a while now as my batteries have been pretty low.

I'm not too sure why that is, my metabolism just seems to have been in slow mode for ... I dunno ... way too long now and I've been coming to the end of that candle that spells exhaustion. Yep. I'm pretty much burning down to the N.

So tonight, at the start of the chill out it's a case for ... what food do I always turn to as Special Comfort Food :

Pizza coma tonight while listening/watching to youtube videos. I watched the end of the cricket earlier when I got in and fully intend to watch as much cricket as I can get away with over the next few days. That's going to call for a little bit of dual viewing as the Formula 1 is on too. But that's Monaco, which is always a boring nonevent procession. So maybe 5% of my attention will be on that.

Pizza ? It's my no1 special comfort food but I can't have too much of it, especially now that I'm too heavy. The cheese makes me make too much acid which, isn't pleasant. It's not that bad ... but that acid is really bad for when I'm trying to sleep and I've been really challenged on getting sleep lately. It's like I've forgotten how to turn my mind off.

Cricket will sort that out. As will the grand prix "racing".

So yeah. Plan A will be to not do very much. However ...

Comic Con is on again in London over the weekend. Tickets on Saturday are all gone, I need the easy day tomorrow but Sunday is still a possibility.

Positive - lots of shinies. Yogscast people are there again and there's a few of those (Hannah, Kim, Zoey, Rythian) who always get my attention and make me chuckle/laugh/grin/jump when I'm watching their videos. They're a great bunch and they get my attention because they're great characters too. You never really know what Hannah or Kim are likely to do next but you can be sure there would be mischief, fun or just outright batshitcraziness involved. LTK has been urging me to break out of the reclusiveness and head over to Comic Con.

I like LTK, she's another of the work people who has been keeping me sane by keeping up with the crazy stuff that tends to come over Communicator and will one up me on that crazy stuff too.

I know someone else who is a bit like that and I'd jump for a chance to meet up again with Cupid's Gift too. We natter over the texts a fair bit but rarely get the chance to meet up. And a true genuine hug is way better than chuckles over the texts. Lots of chat is great, it feels like we know each other pretty well and it's rare that I feel comfortable enough with someone that I'm prepared to take All of the emotional armour off the way I do around Cupid's Gift.

Yep. If the Evil Fluffy Bitey Thing calls, I'll come running.

It's not just the Yogspeople though, their artists are coming along too. I said a bit about NinaSerina after meeting her at October's London Comic Con. Was it really October ? So much seems to have happened since then, it seems so long ago (I hadn't met Cupid's Gift then!). I wrote about KaeyiDream in that post too and this time ... she gets to go with her Dream Prince Martyn ! Good on ya Kaeyi, it shows how much healthier you've got over the last 6 months. They're there for all 3 days and I hope they enjoy it as much as I think they'll enjoy it. Nina and Kaeyi are just wonderful People.

I'm steadily talking myself into going to Comic Con again aren't I ... Perhaps if I was going along with someone else again then yep. I enjoyed the EGX Rezzed (a little) and London Comic Con (a lot) but I enjoyed Birmingham Comic Con so much more as I was able to sense Cupid's Gift's enjoyment. Brum Comic Con was the best of the lot so far because it was with company.

Sometimes though, you have to listen to your body :
And rest up when you need to get some of that energy back.

So - it'll be a chilled out weekend. The insane amount of travel time needed for Comic Con will wait for another time and an excuse to be towed around by someone on the coffee :
I'll watch as much cricket as I can. (Translation - it'll be on in the background while I do other stuff and I'll pay attention when Important Things happen). The grand prix will get largely ignored (because it's Monaco and therefore likely to be a procession). I'll watch Tomorrowland with the lads on Monday and might see if there's a chance to see Mad Max on my own too.

And with all that, I still need to put into action Bathroom Replacement scouting too.

Last bit - a Very Special Friend is going to have an important interview tomorrow. She's not been well and the nerves have been on her back too but ... I bet she'll do awesome. Good luck Ms Very Special Friend !
I don't really like to think about the Tired's. I prefer to think about that Very Special Friend who I know will impress people tomorrow. The little lady who always brings out a smile when a message comes in followed by chuckles when I read it. The one who joins in with the craziness. The people at work who can manage the grinning idiot (see first pic) and all the other special friends too (see second pic).

First pic ?
Yep. That's me.
And that's you (courtesy of a few people who /liked this on Facebook as I was typing this !)

Cya ! And enjoy your weekends, whatever you intend doing. Especially if it's fun stuff.

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