Monday, October 20, 2014

Where there's a will ...

The entertainment world lost one of its loveliest people today, Lynda Bellingham. I watched her in series like All Creatures Great and Small, Second Thoughts and ... I'm surprised that it's not more.

She'll be missed. But one thing I wanted to natter about today is something different - but first :

I'm pretty sure I'll be on me own in the car for Comic Con on Friday. Although ... there is room in there for all 3 people who are going that day. It's a decent sized car (peek at the Fuelly link - shininess is there!) and there would be two big lads along as well as the special little lady who I think will be drawn to that noodle shop.

Ok, perhaps I've given up hope of helping them out (and it would be a pleasure to do anything to help out the little lady) for the Friday but I've not given up hope overall. I hear a little lady (need better nickname, Pocket Lioness fits) talk about loneliness and say things like she's not looking forward to being alone over Xmas, I know how I feel ... and I know she'd be welcomed in with my mob if she gave us the chance.

But that's way off in terms of expectations* - it's like I know huge amounts about our Pocket Lioness but she knows very little about me. Just what appears in the Twitter feed (which submerges under thousands of other followers), what she sees here and what's assumed from the wariness about strange men getting in touch over the internet. There's a certain amount of trust that only comes from knowing someone face to face.

*(my mind tends to rush off and make projections which are usually utter fantasy at the time, although they could happen if everything went amazingly perfectly - bad habit I know, don't count chickens before they hatch and all that)

I think this will be the last post I put here hoping that she gets in touch before moving her from that "I hope she could be" to "It could have been great but ..." category. I'm now remembering back to another lady, aka Bright Young Thing, who I was also crazy head over heels besotted with. I never heard back from her too, despite a number of attempts to get in touch. (There's only so many channels you can try before "Mad Stalker" tag hits)

It's sad but if they don't want to know, then you have to respect that and stop bugging them. There's no anger, no bad emotions like that there, just regret that I've missed out again on my primary goal in life : Helping people out.

So that's my message to the Pocket Lioness - there's someone here besotted with you who would be in dreamland if he was picked to be that person you could turn to. To be that person first on the list to call when you're sad. To answer the "whatcha doin' ?" if you're lonely. To hide behind for horror films. To be that person to lend you a little strength and do things for you if you're struggling.

And all the rest.

Actually, I hope I do keep that strength going. I've been improving on the outsides and things like my ankles are bony again. I only mention that cos they were the last bits to settle down in terms of being swollen and unhappy. Things are improving as I give them the chance and I'm now more hopeful that it'll be clear by Xmas.

But ... Definitely feeling older. I slipped and fell on the stairs today (need new shoes soon, the soles on mine are getting slick) and apparently hit harder than I thought. As in, edges of stairs biting into my bad hip, my ankle and the shoulder that's damaged. Not so good. It stiffened up to cause ouchiness over the day.

Only one therapy for that ! Activity ! Bumps and bruises like that tend to appreciate being walked off, to avoid them stiffening up. I may be in for a bad day tomorrow but survived today. (Enough for a Mall run actually)

Hey - I mentioned "will" in that title and something different ...

The radio conversations talked at one point about people having a Will tabled, in case something should happen. Bad things do happen and it's wise to have preparations in place to make it a little easier for those left behind. I have to admit, I don't have a Will and should probably make one. If I did, it would read a bit like :

Car - to my sister. Although it does have too much roof.
House - to be sold and the proceeds to the sister again. Or more like 80% to sis and the rest split between a few extra special people : CK, CQ, SQ, BD.
Computers - to a certain Diablo.
Surround sound gear - to the sister again.
Bluray player and blurays - to CK
Books - also to CK
DVDs - to divvy up between the local mob : CK, CQ, BD
Plushies and dwagons - there's a Pixie in Birmingham who's helped me out considerably over the past few years and I know she'd look after the dwagon collection.

I think that's the major bits accounted for, with some switching about to be done too cos I know there's duplicates among the books, dvds and blurays. Anything left over or unwanted should be sold off and the proceeds sent to Help For Heroes. It would, of course, change if a special someone entered my life. But - I'm not feeling there's much chance for that at the moment. Mostly because :

I mentioned I flirt with a lot of ladies but there's another limit there - I only chase one person at a time. At the moment, that's someone who's not given anything back. Which means I don't try to get to know the others I find "interesting" and "available" better.

I don't know very many people I'd call "interesting" and even fewer who might be "available". What can I say ! I'd like to grow old with someone who can keep me on my toes and keep up with what I'm thinking. And you know me, I'm strange ... not many can follow what I'm thinking.

But I think that the Pocket Lioness could. And she definitely keeps me on my toes by coming up with comments in the videos that have me bursting out laughing unawares at the latest insanity.

PS Whatever I say about wills, I'm not going anywhere. There's my poorly outsides and tortured bones but I fully expect to last a good few more decades, to hopefully at least see humanity escape this planet and live on the Moon, Mars or further. That's one of my dreams, although I was born too early for it.

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