Monday, October 27, 2014

Favourite movies - Pacific Rim

I mentioned this one yesterday in the O's+abit post ...

This one didn't get the best reception but ... I really like it. There's just something about how it all comes together which, in my opinion, make it a really enjoyable fun film.

But first - there's another Big Monster movie that's just coming out on bluray and I'll hope to escape the bounds of the house tomorrow morning/afternoon to go buy it - Godzilla. Perhaps at the same time I can :

Perhaps catch Maze Runners (or Annabelle)
Definitely buy Godzilla to watch tomorrow night
Replenish the biscuit and popcorn supply on my last day off
Meet someone and buy her noodles ?

Ok, ok, that last is a bit wishful thinking. This rhyme kinda sums it up :
Lady has me under a spell
His wish, take her to Annabelle
But alas, Pete she does not see
No film, therefore for me

Yep. All in 140 characters as per Twitter limits. But I do want to escape the house, partly cos the insides of my legs really need to get back in condition and wandering around Bristol for a while will go some way towards that. (And there's an email address in the profile that should still work)

To the film !

Pacific Rim is a Big Robot, Big Monster Movie. Massive alien Kaiju are invading from under the sea and to fight them, man has created massive Jaeger piloted robots. They are absolutely huge. Larger than life. It's set in the now or very near future, so the technology is firmly grounded in today. Ok, maybe a little more advanced, there is mind interfacing involved after all.

This is coupled to a marvellous soundtrack as well but while the effects make the movie, the characters share the stage equally.

My eye is particularly drawn to Mako Mori, who is introduced quite early. She is initially very shy, very reserved but you can see that inner confidence waiting to come out. It's the eyes. The eyes tell you a lot about a person.

I think mine show age - both young and old
Depth - a certain little lady who has huge expressive eyes that draw you in
The twinkles of the shy people when they smile
Crinkles when we are in pain
The scanning that comes from curiosity
The firm challenging gaze of confidence

And Mako has those big eyes with the curiosity and a certain challenge that also shows the confidence within.

And you see that build through the film.

Erm - am I talking a little too much about the cute, smart, asian actress and not enough about the film ?

Yes. It's a very silly movie. It does however, remember one vital thing about scifi - stay consistent with your story, both backstory and the main plot. A lot forget that and lose you halfway through in nonsense.

I love it. And I better get back to it now the popcorn bucket is refilled !

PS I seem to be emphasizing pretty Asian ladies lately. I wonder why. It's not really the "Asian" bit though, that's just a coincidence. All ladies have their own particular beauty. Sometimes it's wrapped up in ethnicity genes that build their appearance a bit differently. Some don't think they have that beauty but they definitely do. And they really shouldn't blush when random strange men tell them "You're even more incredible off screen than on and you are adorable on it." A pretty face helps but it's in their character, their personality. And that's what makes people truly beautiful, when they have a wonderful personality.

Yes you ! You ! Reading this now ! You're gorgeous.

And when a lady has that wonderful, beautiful personality, that's what makes them worth knowing, worth chasing.


  1. Pacific Rim was one of those movies that, despite all the possibilities of it being totally rubbish turned out to be awesome!

    Oh and Rinko Kikuchi was very, very attractive.....

    BTW - do you know that they're making a sequel? Due out in 2017... [lol]

  2. Yeah, Godzilla was like that too. Pacific Rim was better though. Better characters. Including Mako/Rinko !

    Curious how they'll put a sequel together. The set up and the conclusion were fairly final for the bad guys.


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