Sunday, October 26, 2014

A to Z - O is for ... Opera ?

Don't worry - I don't have much opera in the collection.

Before I dive into the O's though - I have some feels to get out the way ...

I think I'm feeling a kind of hangover from Comiccon. Part of my psyche involves being quite comfortable on my own but I also crave, require, demand human interaction. And that goes beyond just the simple FB poke or seeing what people are saying on FB or Twitter. It's needing to see what people think of what I write either here or on FB/Twitter.

I dunno - I guess I must have a kind of restlessness coming on from being in better condition on my outsides. Either that or I'm feeling severely short on hugs and am feeling the need to see some smiles answering my trademark grin. But a lot of what that does say is that I enjoyed Comicon quite a bit, so there is that hangover now.

On that feedback thing, I know people look at what I put here. I see the signature of hits coming in from individually tweeted posts, although that isn't quite the same as Google telling me "Wonderful person clicked here". It definitely doesn't tell me what they thought of what I posted or wrote about them and I think that's what I'm critically missing.

So yeah - slightly down at the moment :
Missing hugs
Missing smiles
Restless from wanting to get out and do things (the skin is improving but I wouldn't have wanted to leave the house yesterday or this morning)
Missing seeing what people think about what I write

I write to make people happy but I have that Need to know whether it makes them happy, mad, cringey, interested?, blushy. Any reaction at all. Not having a reaction opens the way to the depressive part of my brain thinking they hate it. Some of that is tied up in knowing what/who I want, knowing from the information out there that she's available but getting absolutely nothing back. (And in the meantime, there's a very busy Pretty Lady on Okcupid who has my interest)

But saying that, it sounds above like I'm Demanding feedback on what I write. I don't have the right to demand that feedback. I can expect it and look for it but I shouldn't require it. Now to get my subconscious thinking that way too !

To the music ?

I don't have many O albums, so I'm going to sneak a few P's in here too ...

O is for Oldfield and Ommadawn. It's not his signature album (that's Tubular Bells) but it is a fantastic album. Well worth picking up for some chilled out instrumental dominated pure music.

Dire Straits last album was On Every Street. Still a really good album but I think they were maybe getting a little tired. The classic track is Planet Of New Orleans.

Buffy brought teen vampire fiction back to our screens with a massive bang. Hugely impressive series while it lasted. It also brought in musical episodes with Once More With Feeling. Great episode but it has the highlight of the entire series with Under Your Spell. Sung by actress Amber Benson, it is definitely one of the very best tracks of the 13000 in my library.

I think that's one reason for my restlessness. I like to do nice things for people and even though I've reached out to a few, I'm not really getting the chance to do those nice things. I'd like to be under someone's spell.

Next up is Kings Of Leon with Only By The Night. They're not bad but very male mainstream and I don't really go for that. Still, Sex On Fire is a pretty decent signature track.

I'm more into those female singers with the amazing voices and there aren't many better than Amy Lee of Evanescence. Their second album, The Open Door, is full of amazing tracks but I'll pick out Good Enough. First impressions are key but with music, it tends to be the last track you listen to that forms that lasting impression and Good Enough closes out this album.

An album I've had for ages is the Original Soundtrack by 10cc. This has some great classics like the eternally amazing I'm Not In Love (I'm in love with people in general but wanting to be in love with one special person). But you all know I'm Not In Love, so I'll link over Brand New Day instead. Love that track.

Last two for the O's are Overexposed by Maroon 5. Not bad ... but the best track on there is the well flogged Moves Like Jagger. And the last one is Oxygene by Jean Michel Jarre.

P's ? I have to mention a film here - Pacific Rim wasn't everyone's favourite. I liked it for being over the top silliness and the so sweet, so cute, so gorgeous Rinko Kikuchi playing Mako. I may have to watch this one again, for the action, the hot asian chick (I seem to be chasing those at the moment for some reason, on Okcupid too) and ... the excellent soundtrack.

Coldplay sneak in with Parachutes. I have a few Coldplay albums but on the whole, find them a bit meh. Must be that male bland unspecial thing again. I dunno, I don't find the current male bands to be that special.

Paramore come in here with their reboot album. Again, pretty good but I think they've lost something. There's no track of the quality of The Only Exception here.

I'll close out with a Lisa Hannigan album. I think my phone was having fun with me on Saturday. When I pulled out of the service station after topping up with munchies, guess what the first track it played was ? Lisa Hannigan, with Safe Travels (Don't Die) from the Passenger album. Those lyrics ...

I don't think it could have picked a more appropriate one to start that leg of the trip off with !

PS Huge thanks for those who do give me feedback, even just the hitting of the Like button on the Facebook linkage. It gives me a big lift, more than you might think.

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