Sunday, September 09, 2012

More on the spending ...


Gotta spend some money this week. But what on ?

The post before last I talked about networking bits and pieces ... I still have that in mind as a shift to do with my network but it's on the Geeky Interest level, not a "must do now" level. So it's not going to be spending cash on the network because :

Since stealthing my wireless network, I've had no interference. (Could be coincidence)
The offers aren't good enough yet.

They're just shifting the technology they're using at the moment for Powerline networking. That means the new stuff is pricey but the old stuff is still getting bought because people don't trust the new stuff yet. If you're not bothered about performance then it's pointless spending huge cash on fancier kit. Powerline networking performance from older kit is plenty good for my needs, even when it struggles it's doing 40-50Mbit/s on 200Mbit/s rated kit which is 5x better than my internet download and on a par with how quick data can be squeezed out of my hard discs.

So - I'm still looking at Powerline networking bits and pieces but because there is no pressing need to change, I can wait for better offers.

Next up - had a curious phone call yesterday from Lexus Cheltenham :-)

Because I own a CT from them, I'm on the list of people who could get a brand new CT. It would be essentially identical to mine (colour, trim) but the 2013 model has a few spec changes. Some are good (cruise control added), some are bad (can't remember list).

It would cost me an extra £30 per month and lock me in for another year. It's a very interesting and intriguing offer. However ... the only reasons I'd seriously consider it are :

1 - If the newer car was quicker - the one criticism I have of the CT is that it's Potential Performance isn't as good as the cars I've had since the '82 Astra. It feels quick, because when you floor the throttle you get 100% potential performance. In manual gearbox cars, you very rarely get Potential Performance unless you're willing to redline the engine and abuse the clutch.

But ... it's a 10 second 0 to 60 car, my last two were quicker. The compensation for that is mpgs approaching 50 and a very relaxing cruise. I can do 180 miles 3 hours from here to my parents' place, no problem.

2 - If there were problems with this car. There are no problems ... Except for the passenger door handle which was replaced and a sensitive alarm (went off again the other day). However, if there were problems with the car, I'd be looking to serve out the 3 year loan and switch to a different make.

It's a testament to the very high quality of the car that leads me to turn down the offer. Oh, it also lets me avoid another running in period :-) A hidden benefit to me going for a 6 month old ex demo is that the garage got the running in period out of the way before I got the car.

A new car would be shiny but to be honest, my 12 month old CT still feels new and has no problems or niggles whatsoever. I'd be losing out if I changed.

So - I'm not going to spend money on a car, or on networking bits.

What's that leave ? I've been after a new vacuum cleaner for a while because my current one overheats quickly. What do I see before watching Total Recall on Thursday ? Nipping around PCWorld/Currys had me looking at Powerline networking (and not seeing good offers). On the way out - vacuum cleaners with %%% off for Dysons ...

I'm still avoiding spending money in PCWorld/Currys/Comet because they don't respect Sales of Goods Act so sometime this week there will be a trip to John Lewis to pick up a Dyson and drop off my current vacuum.

I know right ? You were expecting something more shiny ?

Me too !!!!

I'll make up for it by dropping some cash later this week on FTL - Faster Than Light. It's a new game coming soon which is essentially a starship simulator. And what does that make ? Only just about my ideal game ! Looking forward to this one. It could be a great one to dip in and out of. Here's a bit more about it from TotalBiscuit and I challenge anyone not remotely interested in simple space games to not try looking up pre-orders.

It looks awesome, in a simple yet deep and extremely playable way. Some games are very predictable. Other game will surprise you and not in a scripted Enemies Jumping Out Of Walls way. This one looks like it'll give surprises of the fashion that make you think, plan and react with strategy rather than just reflex.

Yep. Looking forward to that one.

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