Friday, September 21, 2012

Bling, not bling

The latest bit of techie hype has caught my eye this time ...

What am I talking about ? iPhone 5 is what I'm talking about :-) I have to admit I'm just looking at the hype at the moment but there's a few good reasons stacking up for why me upgrading to an iPhone 5 might be a good idea.

Data allocation - yes it costs more per month but it would give unlimited data. Perhaps that's not worth an extra £22 per month though.

Shininess - iPhones are very shiny. I wouldn't have said that before getting used to what my Xperia X10i mini gives but I'm thoroughly sold now on the potential of these little beasties. It's very impressive being able to integrate so much on these devices now.

Phone Reliability - oh this is a big one. The Xperia is a good little device but it's been showing tiredness and a few defects. There's a lengthening list of defects with the phone :
Disrupted calls - where it sounds to both ends like a blender is by the mic
Low battery - I tried using the Xperia to take pictures during the IST20 last year, I got a small number but the camera isn't the best and it nukes the battery
Soft-crashes - issues with the browser interface
Loss of network - exactly how it sounds, this seems to be happening more
Possible overheat nuking the battery more - sometimes it doesn't want to charge, I suspect overheating
It's very small

All that said, the X10 Mini does a lot of things well, like Bluetooth integration with the car and the general smartphone-ness. But it falls down on annoyances with the interface and its tendency to soft and hard crash. I bet it's more reliable than a Windows phone though.

IPod reliability - I have a 16GB iPod Nano which works fairly well. It's only refused to play music in the car once. But what it does have is amnesia. It'll forget what it's been playing. That's irritating. A 64GB iPhone would also hold all of my 30GB+ library with room to spare.

There's a bunch of other advantages it would have too, things like hooking it up to the car via Bluetooth for music although I'd probably still use USB because that charges the battery.

I'm not going to jump for the iPhone just yet ... I'll let the early adopters check it out first so they can find out about things like AntennaGate on the iPhone4. Apple are good but they're still prone to software booboos. I'll also be checking out what a few other people say about their iPhones.

So - not bling ?

When I started this post, I so TOTALLY had something in mind to denounce as utterly non bling.

Can I remember what it was ? Hell no. Shame ! Ranting can be excellent therapy :-)

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