Thursday, September 06, 2012

Learning stuff tonight

Think I've learned a few things tonight :

Certain films need more warnings on before unsuspecting people watch them ...

Fast food is bad for you ...

Think before you eat stuff ...

And you can both improve on and lessen the quality of something remade from the original.

The film tonight was Total Recall. It should really have a health warning on because the opening sequence has so many flashy lights that even a borderline epileptic should Not See This Film. Sequences that bad should really have warnings given in the trailers, not just in a flash screen before the movie starts. Better yet, keep it out of the film, it had no business being there and added nothing to the film.

So - Total Recall. Worthy remake or modern cash in ?

I have to honestly say cash in. But it's tough to say that because they put a lot into this movie and tried reasonably hard. The original, being an Arnie movie, suffered the Arnie curse where so much effort goes into making Arnie look good and not enough goes into making it a good movie. The story and basic plotlines are fairly identical between the original and the new one, the massive difference is in the setting.

I'm a sci-fi person. I loved the original setting, which pitted Earth against Mars. This setting is ... different. It works in the sense needed by the altered endgame but not in a scifi point of view. In scifi, rockets going to different planets Make Sense. What doesn't make sense is going through the planet core, Phantom Menace style.

Will I get the dvd/bluray ? Probably not. And that's a shame because the action sequences were fairly reasonable. It's just a not so good translation of what was to be honest, a B movie.

Ok - other stuff ... I appear to be allergic to fast food ! Oh the irony - lol.

Had a KFC before the game, which is pretty much : Fillet Burger in a Bun. And that would be a bun made out of white bread. Uhoh. Didn't think much of that at the time but my breathing now is not as free as it was earlier on today. It's not full on not gonna sleep tonight wheezing but it's not 100%.

Or I could just be imagining it.

I kinda hope I do have a white bread allergy actually, as one of the alternative allergy causes is Jaffa Cakes. Not had any of those for a few weeks now but the bad breathing has hit a couple of times, shortly after I've been exposed to white bread. I should probably take an allergy panel test to confirm but ... I think I could confirm by observation.

What's next ? Crossing fingers that the new Dredd film is available in 2D as well as 3D. Although I should really watch something in cinema 3D sometime, just because I've avoided it so far. My objection there is to certain films being 3d only. I tend to avoid those out of principle.

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