Thursday, April 21, 2016

Missing The Greats

We've lost a lot of amazing people this year haven't we ?

Especially tonight with Prince. I didn't listen to that much that Prince released with his own voice but he was a musical genius who influenced so many artists with his style and music he wrote for them.

I haven't been doing too many open tributes for the people that we've lost this year but I have turned the avatar back to this one for a bit :
Little Red ... not quite a Corvette.

I haven't done a music post for a while but with the stories today and after listening to a Michael Jackson track come up ... yep. Here goes. Here's one for those where we very definitely miss their voices, their songs, their inspiration.

Victoria Wood too ! Here she is being unrepentantly Politically Incorrect.

What was the Michael Jackson song ? One of his better, Billie Jean. He always managed to match so much power and passion in with those dance beats.

Bringing them all together on a Sunday morning was Terry Wogan. He had the odd song or two as well. Definitely odd in the case of the Floral Dance. He was unforgettable as the UK commentator in Eurovision. We would tune in annually just for his acidic sarcasm. Magic stuff and like the rest of his work, totally charming.

It goes back a few years too but I miss some of those golden oldies too.

Bob Marley with Could You Be Loved ? I think so.
The legend that is Jimi Hendrix and his unmistakable guitar riffs in the Purple Haze.
George Harrison and John Lennon with classics like Imagine and While My Guitar Gently Weeps.
Everybody pays attention when Nina Simone sings. I hope you are Feeling Good.
That's Life though - we lost another Sinatra too sadly.
And then there's Johnny Cash, his turn came round again on the iTunes. I'll always enjoy songs like Ring Of Fire.

David Bowie too ! And another missed actor too. David Bowie provided much of the soundtrack to A Knight's Tale which I need to watch again because it was one the better movies that I've seen for a while. Heath Ledger made that movie come to life. His Golden Years ?

Artists like this make you want to Sing along. The Carpenters definitely do.

And then they charm you with songs like Son Of A Preacher Man. Little bit of Dusty.

Glenn Frey was one of the main members of the Eagles with songs like Take It Easy. I like to take it easy, don't stress what's outside of your control.

Pink Floyd's music was ever present as I grew up. I enjoyed their 70s stuff where Richard Wright was a major contributor for songs like The Great Gig In The Sky.

The thing to remember though. However bad it seems, keep on going. Remember those who have left us. Treasure their memories and their legacy. And ... The Show Must Go On. That's one of Freddie Mercury's last songs with Queen. Very poignant.

I hope we don't lose many more loved artists this year ! Too many already.

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