Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Earning All of the Stickers !

Someone lovely sent me this pic yesterday :
Love it.

But how about dem stickers ? How do they fit into Life Of Sleepy ?

I put away the Launndry. I have to admit. This doesn't happen too often. I leave everything hanging on the radiators and in the airing cupboard until I want to use it. (This would change if it wasn't just me living here). It's partly down to me having probably a few too many Things than I have space to put them. I should look at thinning out the t-shirt collection a bit, keep the awesome, get rid of the mundane. As for doing the laundry, I do mine on the Friday or early Saturday so it has a chance to dry over the weekend. Very important to have those dry, clean shirts and trousers for work !
Sparkly things are awesome.
(Sometimes mundane is good though because sometimes you need something plain).

"I wore a bra today" - nah. Hopefully this will never happen, outside of doing something for fun. I would totally be up for going in drag if it were for a good cause. Although I do need to lose some weight. I'm not obese but I am overweight. I'm a fair bit over my ideal weight for the activity I'm doing at the moment and it causes a complication or two. I suspect my loss of sleep due to too much acid is down to being overweight.

On other people's weight - you should be exactly the weight that you are comfortable and confident at. I know some big people who rock that size. I knew some thin people who are really desperate to get the curves. Be who you are meant to be, whether that is tall, short, wide or thin. Own it and the confidence you have in yourself will make you stunning.

"I didn't spend all my money" - but not for lack of window shopping ... Let's see. Things on my I Want That list at the moment :
Tickets for Silverstone - both the endurance cars and Formula 1.
Tickets for Le Mans endurance cars. Entry to the circuit is cheap for endurance cars and extortionate daylight robbery for Formula 1 but I would like to do it again some time. Le Mans would be an epic trip. But ... it can be better to (half!) watch these things on the telly and get the full story, rather than the filtered down scope you get from being there.

Lego ! All the Lego ! I'd love a Millenium Falcon, which would get made into an Elite Anaconda.
(picture courtesy of the Twitter people)

That's a pipedream although getting the Lego Le Mans Technic car to build while the 24 hour race is on is a definite possibility. Only £80 from Argos ...

I'll regularly look up the music people and the games too to investigate adding more goodies to the libraries. But I resist spending the money if I think the price is too high. So although I think her voice is amazing, the Lisa Miskovsky albums are staying on the shelf at £8.

"Almost made it to the gym today" - I've never been one for training. In fact, when I did do regular training, I gained nothing in terms of stamina and lost ever inkling of my extreme running speed. I'm like Ledley King, a footballer who played for Spurs. He couldn't train because his knees were too fragile but was able to maintain a level of fitness and skill that let him stay in the first team.

I was a bit like that with the cricket. Using a bike*, doing a paper round and a lot of walking kept me fit enough to have a baseline I found acceptable for the cricket. And then I'd get match fit and up to skill levels during pre season practice. Cricket fit me really well because I could recover from puffing and wheezing during the reset between balls.

*a funny story from uni is that during the off season, I was cycling into uni every day. I gained stomach muscles. I'd never had them before !!! Awesome ! But come preseason training, I literally could not bowl the ball in the net. It was going everywhere !!! These stomach muscles that I'd never had before were triggering completely at random and throwing me off. Awkward ...

There we go folks - training can be bad.

"I didn't eat all of the chips" - I actually didn't yesterday and I won't tonight. HAHA :-) But only because last night was a raiding of the Chinese and tonight will be a pasta bake. No chips in there :-).

(and now I'm madly chuckling at getting that badge in completely the wrong way)

Last one ! "I didn't hit snooze today".

Ok, I did actually, all 3 working days so far this week. Except it's a snooze that keeps the radio on instead of turning it off. I'm weird (you knew that already!), I seem to find it easier to get rest in the morning in the hour or so before getting ready to work, than in the hours after you go to bed.

I need to find that Switch Brain Off And Find The ZZZzzz's mental programme again.

Closing time ! I just spotted this on Facebook too, which I also found pretty funny :-)
Hahaha. Spiders are evil. I am scared witless in the time between it roaming free, when I catch it in a trap and when I manage to evict it outside. Especially the spiders that are bigger than the spider trap.

Shudder !

I enjoyed my stickers, I hope you did too !

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