Monday, April 11, 2016

In Game, Out of Game

I've been doing that flying round the galaxy thing again.
Ok, maybe not the epic trips that you can do in Elite but still bouncing around human space a fair bit. The area populated in the game is actually quite small compared to the rest of our galaxy ...
(click for bigger and legibility of words ...)

The populated zone is in the bottom right, with top left showing the centre of the galaxy. Our Milky Way is about 75,000 light years from one side to the other and we are 26,500 light years away from the supermassive black hole at its centre. The "bubble" as it's called is maybe 500 light years across. Small by galactic standards but still plenty big enough for the players flying their internet spaceships within it.

Wonder how big the Eve universe is in comparison ? (Answer according to wiki is about 7,800 systems to play in).

The difference with the Eve universe is that Eve doesn't have the vast size of the rest of the galaxy to play with past the systems in the game. I've been to the galactic centre once and at some point, I'll disappear around the galaxy. One of the other places on the "I've been there !" list is Beagle Point, the farthest system from our own solar system. I understand there's not actually much there but there's a certain explorer's instinct cutting in there.

As in all things in this life, you do need to focus on what you're actually doing though. One lesson I've learned and tried to take to heart (and then totally ignore!) is to have one aim and maintain energies towards that aim. So in the game, I'm ignoring the money making, putting off the exploring until later, avoiding combat (takes time!) and staying away from the various Community Goals that go towards getting players together in one place.

Nah - I'm all about that ranking up. You see to get this :
(Imperial Cutter, I've posted the pic before)

You need to grind out the ranking points. There are 14 of these for each faction, each needing a little more for each level. My Commander Iceangel is currently at rank 9, or Count and going up steadily through philanthropic efforts ... To get the Cutter, I'll need to go up to rank 12, Duke. Duke Captain Iceangel ? Don't mind if I do.

The Commander name comes from my Warcraft mage and I've kept using it because I think it sounds pretty good as game names go. My Eve pilot was called Keela Danne, which started out as one of those inspired (by the dice!) completely randomly generated names for a D and D cleric. I enjoyed playing Keela. She was a kick ass girlie who kept her party of adventurers alive through praying to a loving goddess. (In the table top game). Bit naive maybe but that's all part of the fun.

Anyway - there are various ways to get those ranking points via lots of different missions. What I've found most effective actually is just sitting with Elite going in the background with me alt+tabbing back to it every 10 minutes or so when the missions update. And then I'll contribute a bit more to the charities in the game ("Help us repair our station in the name of the Emperor" - don't mind if I do) for about half a % point of rank.

The sad thing is that this actually seems quicker than ferrying cargo around for said Empire, although it costs you a little money instead of gaining it.

And it lets me do other stuff as well - watch things, definitely listen to music (next album - Charango by Morcheeba), read stuff and generally chill out. It does mean I'm looking at this view a fair bit :
(That's Medupe City in Cubeo, it's proving to be a good spot). When I'm not out and about in the galaxy drinking in the light of the eternal suns as my ship drinks in the hydrogen fuel that makes it go :
It is a pretty game is it not ? (I wonder where that solar flare is going !)

I wonder how long it will take to get that Cutter while I'm technically not actually playing the game ? We shall see. As of the last check, I am 10% through Count, having started this tactic at 65% Viscount (the rank below) yesterday. It seems to be doing pretty well while I do other stuff.

And that is ... watching other people play games ! I know. Bit strange but I find it relaxing, amusing, somewhat compelling. Oh, one person has commented that the tactic is good for things like housework too. One mission, more housework while the missions refresh. Repeat.

See ! Games can be a force for good.

Cya !

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