Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Advent is here

Which can only mean one thing ...
Ok, that too. (Thanks to the Facebook people for spotting that!)

Nah. It's nearly ...
Yep. After Xmas, we see the Mini Eggs back in the shops. Best time of year. He says thinking he should pay another visit to the Happy Cookie Place because the cookie supply has run out. I'll head over to Bath Xmas Market on Friday afternoon hopefully.

I think my brain died. That's kinda what it feels like. Ok, I still posess the power of mostly rational thought but that poor brain does feel a little scorched. It's not too long to the Xmas break now and I'll get a lot of rest and recharge in over that time.

And ...
I hope the dwagons bring you all lots of presents. I just had a belated birthday present. Cheers CK ! Will definitely enjoy the swag. Kung Fu Panda, Mad Max soundtrack and Terminator Genesys. That last is one of the movies of the year and I'll definitely enjoy watching that one again.

On watching stuff ... When my brain feels all melty, I'll chill out by watching videos. I enjoy the gaming but I also enjoy watching other people do the gaming. It's far less mental effort than diving into the game and if you're watching the right people, it's a good laugh and entertainment too. It was definitely entertaining watching a booze fuelled near meltdown last night as one of the people on the livestream was having trouble with trains and signals.
Trains are hard.

That's from Train Valley, which was making me go steadily insane over the weekend after I acquired it in the Steam Sale. I'd thoroughly recommend it as a puzzle game. Although I do suspect that it will mess with your head by changing the points to make trains run into each other instead of going to where they are supposed to go.

I picked up Cosmonautica too and after a few false starts (there's a decent amount in the game and it does a rubbish job of telling you about it but I think it's worth the cheap price) I've been enjoying the travels of my starter ship and its varied crew.

But ... Xmas livestream time. This is a charity drive run by the Yogscast (more info at the link). They're a popular bunch and they should raise a huge amount of cash again this year. I'll be watching off and on, which won't leave that much time for gaming because I watch on my desktop PC, which is where the games are. I don't game on my Macbook, that always seems a bit of a cruelty for laptops.

Some streams I'll avoid, some streams will be watched at a later date, some streams I'll specially tune in for. The Civ V match can lead to hilarity, like the train crash unfolding in slow motion (actually full speed and multiple crashes) last night.

The virtual world can be a better one to keep an eye on than the real one. Especially with what our MPs are debating at the moment. I have views there ... but I'll spare you from them. At least from having to read them here. You see enough of it on the news. From people with their own causes, from people with underhanded reasons for making other people fight their battles, from people who raise their voices and shout and scream when they can't get their way through reasoned debate.

Yep. I was listening to a few shouters on the radio in the car. And they're one reason I'll keep my opinions in Big Earth Shattering Debates to myself, you see enough uninformed muppetry from the common internet person.

I think that's one rule that is continually demonstrated. I actually heard it first in the film Men In Black. A person is smart, people in a group are dumb. (I should look up the quote and get it right !)

But yeah - there's stuff going on in the world that doesn't fit in with a season of giving and receiving. At least no one would want the kind of gifts our politicians are thinking making other people send.

And I'm rambling on about stuff that I really don't like to put here. Probably a sign of how melty my brain seems to be at the moment.

Stay happy ! Give gifts to those you feel are special, relax, enjoy the season. And be grateful for whatever special things come your way this season.
And concentrate on being the happy.

That movie comes out soon, wonder if I can persuade a special person to watch it with me :-).

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