Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tired, Pizza, Music You Really Don't Want To Hear

I have the tireds again ...

It's due to a big week last week followed by travelling last weekend. The travel always knocks me out. But if you saw the pics of Ben in the last post, you'll see why it's worth it.

And that's just the pooch. It's good to see the family again, even if the extended family (Double D as I may call them, they'll love that - hahaha) couldn't come too. I expect I'll meet up with them sometime soon, where Junior D will game me to death. Maybe :-). Or I might be able to summon up some last vestiges of reaction time and skill to keep the upper hand.

I do feel a little bit behind still in reactions. I tend to make up for that by concentration harder, so if my attention fades out while you're talking to me during driving or other concentration things, that's why. I haven't been gaming much at all this week so far. Ok, some Motorsport Madness on the iPad but I don't really count that as an activity game. You pick your strategy for the race and take decisions according to the race situation.

I've managed to resist getting games in the sales that have come up - had a decent sale going. The one that has my attention at the moment is called Cosmonautica, a space sim type game that would appeal to the Farmville / Facebook game fraternity. It looks ok in concept ... but as usual, when it comes to execution, reports say it falls down somewhat with bugs and other limitations. I expect I'll acquire a few games come the Steam sales for Black Friday and the big one at Xmas.

I need a new graphics card too - this one is having issues and I get the feeling it's just nursing itself along before it fails. A lot of that is the software that drives it, like turning the fans down so it gets melty. I have the sums* turned off at the moment while a video is playing in another window, so it's running at a cool 37 degrees C.

* Sums on a graphics card ? Signal processing, like what SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Aliens) does, works by taking a bit of data and running lots of sums on it. The sums are very simple, so if you can do many at once, that makes it so much quicker. The processor in this desktop has 4 cores which can each do up to 16 very simple sums at once (trickery!). The graphics card has 1024 individual texture processors or CUDA cores which can be used for reasonably complex sums as well when they're not turning picture maps into lovely 3d worlds. This means a SETI work unit that would take 2 hours on a processor, would take 5 minutes on the graphics card.

It does stuff for Science and it heats the house too.

A big week ? Last week was :
Monday for shopping (was almost out of popcorn - this is bad)
Tuesday Mall to pick up something I needed resulting from the shopping (an adaptor)
Wednesday Cupid's Gift ! Lovely evening with a lovely little lady. And if you've seen the Facebook pic, with a lovely smile too. And a lovely taste for gifts, one of which will result in a meme series sometime soon ...
Thursday - can't remember. Think I did quiet stuff at home.
Friday - watching the cricket (England won ! Hurrah) and travelling for the weekend.

I hope you can guess what I was looking forward to and remember most from last week, most of the rest of it is a blur.

I have a hankering for pizza ...
I do like pizza. Even if I am more sensitive to the cheese than I like these days. It's my go to comfort food when I need to turn the brain off and have something that will make me close to food comaness.

Hopefully we'll have another pizza and movie chill out night soon, we're overdue that.

But in the meantime, I believe Friday evening will be pizza accompanied by watching Interstellar again. Ok, some of the plot line and science is atrocious but the bits of the plot that matter (the relationship between Coop and Murphy) gets me in the feels. And it is good to feel things.

Music you really don't want to hear ?

A work friend was saying she was freaked out today (I may be misquoting, forgive me) by a coffee machine. It was singing to her ...

So as my brain was being overcome by mischievous thoughts ... I wondered - what might you hear from a singing coffee machine ? Here goes.

Queen - Another One Bites The Dust
In our place - They Might Be Giants - Minimum Wage
Before home time - Road To Hell or even Road To Nowhere with our traffic
Ironic by Alanis Morrissette - definitely
Back On The Chain Gang - crack that whip.
Musical Chairs music with our desk booking system
Manic Monday or I Don't Like Mondays
Another Brick In The Wall with I Don't Need No Education definitely sums up some of the denizens of Asda I saw on Monday during the cake run.
Garbage had a brilliant if sad song - Cup Of Coffee. And then the machine asks if you want Milk.
Oh and there's Fix Me Now when it's bust. Coffee machines aren't the most reliable devices.
Four Seasons In One Day summed up our weather today. No snow yet though.
Algebra and Mathematics (A Camp and Little Boots) would be favourites of our Finance People.
Oh carp another bunch of Changes (David Bowie) is coming
Hahahah - Mercy was always Duffy's best boppy song
Nine Million Bicycles ... riding on the pavement.

I think that's enough amusement from the singing coffee machine for now, I better stop before I pull out something like Frozen that might get be in trouble.

One more ! You make your choice, you put the cup where it needs to be, the machine starts hollering "Money, Money, Money" at you. Or the older "Money" from Pink Floyd.

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