Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Random thoughts

And now for something utterly random :-)

Firstly - happy Pete is happy. I managed to coax a very special little lady to have a look here. Hopefully she liked what she saw ? Although I have to admit, I dislike talking about my own condition which has been a recurring theme lately.

That's a thing actually. I've been struggling for worthwhile things to post about. I get the feeling the A to Z's are skipover bait. But listening to music and singing along to sexy ladies is what I love most. At the moment at least, singing actual duet would be even better.

I need a camera. Specifically, I need a new digital camera and I need decent image processing software to go with it. Here's the latest creation :
Go on. Say it. It's a bit naff isn't it. That one was a picture of the moon taken from my iPhone 5. It's ok in daylight but as you can see, a low light picture of the moon is ... crap. I don't swear much here, just where it's for emphasis. So if I swear about that picture, you know I mean it.

I used to use a combination of a Nikon digital camera (so old the number was in runes) which came with Photoshop Elements v1. There. That shows how old it was. And no, it didn't use punchcards to export the pictures. It was a very good combination though. Both for sparklies :
And for pictures of very good friends who I don't see enough now :
That's a high quality picture isn't it. Of course, it does help that the lady there is brim full of fire and passion. She's another little bundle of awesomeness and inspiration. How she's kept going with all her troubles, I don't know. May she outlive all of us !

Where was I ?

Yeah - the moon pic was made for someone with the intention of "I see the Jade Rabbit !" It was the Moon Festival on Monday, celebrating mid Autumn. It's one of those happy festivals which is all about giving gifts. Part of it is about potential matches too, which caught my eye. One of the traditions is that ladies seeking husbands throw their handkerchiefs to the crowd in the hope that a suitable bloke will catch them. You can bet that caught my eye !

But - not a great source pic, plus I'm lumbered with using The Gimp as a photo editor. I don't get on well with GIMP. Its selection method boggles my mind and I'm struggling to find the old tools that let me merge images together seamlessly. Here's another oldie project for a sig I used for Eve :
Can't beat a bit of duck tape.

News is filling up its time with two favourites at the moment. Please ! No more Oscar Pistorius. We don't care. But we do care about Scottish Independence. That could honestly go either way. My opinion ? Give them exactly what they ask for. If they go independent, we must give them that. It would be an utter disaster for Scotland but ... that's what they're asking for. However, SNP are painting a picture that hides the fact they'd need to invent a currency overnight, plus we'd be pulling all our support for their infrastructure.

But that's enough about politics. Politics are bad. Especially if you're in a job where you're not supposed to talk about them. At all ;-)

Weight - another person has noticed I've lost weight. I have to say, it's nice to feel the profile of your middle and feel a straight line there instead of a couple of bulges to left and right. My brakes are still awful but I'm feeling that weight effect by being more nimble. And my ankles are improving to the point where I might be agile again soon !

Happy days.

Which reminds me - special little person peeked here ! Happy Pete Is Happy.

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