Sunday, September 21, 2014

Favourite movies

I say a lot about the music I love to listen to here. But I'm also a dedicated follower of ... (not fashion, definitely not fashion) movies.

So what are my favourites ? I'll keep it down cos you know what I'm like with that Wall Of Text tendency. But before I start, the catalyst for this one is that darling little lady Kim who has put a couple of "... is the most perfect movie ever. THERE IS NO DISCUSSION!" on her twitter. And I'd agree with the picks too. Cos I like them too.

I'll put them first. But before, check out her channel to get an idea of why I'm so fascinated. There's a definite sense of FUN, FUN, FUN, mischief that comes over during the gameplay that's matched with an enchanting mix of crazy and professional. She can do both when she wants/needs to. I'd recommend the Vlog playlist and most definitely the Last Of Us playthrough which won my heart.

To the movies !

First up and last night's perfect movie - Terminator 2. I'd go further and name the whole series. It's rare that a series maintains its quality over even 2 films, let alone 4. Hopefully there will be more. They got the best they could out of the technology available at the time and matched that to decent stories too. I think when I clear the unwatched blurays, I'll queue up the Terminator movies again.

Anyway - Terminator. Well realised stories, great acting, fantastic effects. Some of the best scifi ever made ?

Tonight's perfect movie - The Fifth Element. This takes the viewer on a helter skelter trip through Luc Besson's vision of the future, 400 years away. It's a colourful riot that draws you in, keeps you guessing and most definitely has you entertained. And it has that opera singer dance .... The music lover in me definitely approves.

For my third, I'll pick Moon. Scifi again. This tells the story of an astronaut on the moon who is there to keep the Helium mining operation going. But then accidents happen ... I especially like his caregiver monitor robot which expresses pseudofeeling through smileys.

Number 4 has to be Episode 4. I was hesitant about putting a Star Wars or a Star Trek in but you can't deny this movie its place here. Scifi again, set in a unique and fresh world. It changed scifi forever and for the better too. I wanted to be an XWing pilot, although I missed that game and went fighting rebels in Tie Fighters instead.

Number 5 is alive ! (Nah - I'm not picking Short Circuit, lots of 80s movies like that had charm but were ... real bad). Time for a disaster movie. I dunno why but I keep going back to The Day After Tomorrow. It has nothing really that makes it better than movies like 2012 but ... I kinda like it. It ends with a feely good type message. It has a disaster set up that I think may actually be plausible. And we even saw a little bit of it with last year's polar vortex ... Scary huh ?

Back to animation - Pixar have come out with some amazing movies but I'll actually go to Bolt. It's a movie about a SuperDog who isn't. He just thinks he is but is just having the effects added in around him. But the important thing is that he believes. Until he gets lost that is ... This is a truly magic movie and the burning building scene is another that gets the emotions going.

More animation - and I can't believe I've not watched this one since originally seeing it. Spirited Away will be a legendary movie for a long time. It's about a little girl who gets lost in an alternate, magical world. Her parents have been turned into pigpeople and she needs to figure out how to get them back. Cue a trip through this alternate world as the little girl struggles to first come to terms with the alternate reality and then fights to come out on top with mom and dad. Amazing movie.

8 are the two Sherlock movies with Robert Downey Junior. They're pure anarchy. And pretty brilliantly acted too. I'll keep going back to these for sure.

And talking Robert Downey Jr, I can't leave out Iron Man. Not so sure about the follow up movies (although Avengers was incredible) but the first was an excellent origins series. And that music showed off the sheer joy of his ability to create from technology.

Number 10 ? I'll pick another unusual one. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon wasn't the best (I think House of Flying Daggers) foreign language eastern themed film to come out but it was the first and allowed the rest of these fantastic movies to come through. This had ninjas having incredible fights while jumping, flying over buildings. It had several love stories running throughout. It had epic struggle. Outstanding stuff.

I'll end with a Number 11. And this is for the last Doctor Who. There's few times when I get emotionally choked up when watching stuff (Bolt is one) but Matt Smith drew that out of me a few times in his times as Doctor. So while they weren't cinema films, more TV movie, I'll add in his last two appearances The Day Of The Doctor and The Time Of The Doctor. Cos they hit me in the heart.

I'll leave it there but if you have some I've missed (so many movies, so few evenings !), please drop a comment.

And check out the wonderful Kim too.

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