Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Warp speed ?

Scottie says "The engines cannae take it Cap'n" !

Well, not yet anyway.

Watched Captain America 2 last night and ... I'd highly recommend it. It's a longer than average film but it keeps the pace going pretty well. And, rarely for a Hollywood movie, it kinda keeps you guessing too. Ok, some plot twists are a bit telegraphed but ... the next time I watch it I'll be looking out for the little bits I missed the first time around. It's a definite buy on blu-ray. Better than Thor the Dark World for sure.

There's lots of big toys here too. And some little toys too. I shouldn't really call Black Widow a toy though, lest she hear and make a toy out of me. She scary.

Actually that's one thing to look out for on the bluray - better playback of the action scenes. We have 2 Vue cinema near us, one's easier to get to than the other. Without giving too much location away :

Vue CC - clapped out screens that can't keep up with the action but easy for me to get to.
Vue LG - Shiny screens but traffic makes it horrific to get there midweek.

Yep. Really enjoyed Captain America 2. It was one of those films that gave me that physical charge that usually manifests in me doing things Really Fast. Like running across the car park to see if I could. Yep. Doing things Really Fast tends to be connected with Doing Things Really Stoopidly.

Yeah - I'm improving to the point where I'm normalising. Perhaps that's partly due to being in a better state of mind ? Maybe ;-) It'll be good to have possibilities open that have been closed for ... years. It's definitely manifesting in me wanting to run about like a loon, despite :

Being bigger than I should be;
Getting a bit more broken;
And apparently a bad memory cos I forgot the rest

Anyway - that Pain I wrote about in the last post was from one of those times when you wake up to find your leg in mid cramp. And then you don't jump fast enough to break the cramp and your calf muscle ends up tearing itself in two. That's my blessing ... and my curse. My legs have always been a bit big :

I could push start a car ! On my own !
But all that power tore up my knees
I can run so fast the wind whistles in my ears !
But if I hit a downslope, I won't stop for miles - no brakes !
If just one bit of that leg is unhappy - big ouch

But I've got away with it this time. Pain started Friday and saw me limping my way around EGXRezzed but I'd mostly walked it off by yesterday morning. Enough at least, for me to test it out yesterday.

I have several speeds :
Quick walk - I can walk forever on the flat like this
Slow jog - my legs are built for speed, not for persistence
Very Fast - more of a running style than anything really useful
WARP SPEED - when I want to go fast, I go FAST.

If I'm at a fit weight (I'm maybe 1st above right now), then I can hit that top speed fairly quickly. Be a good thing if I had brakes. What can I say ? I just like to Run Very Fast. Cricket lets me do that, plus I can usually get my breath back by the time the next bit of Running Very Fast is needed. And ... with the exception of a few years, I'm still one of the fastest players in both teams I play for.

So - cricket this summer ? I'm in better condition now than I was last year. There's still some healing to do, plus I need to get my Inner Me back to something healthy. By Inner Me, I mean the mineral balances that will keep my muscles happy and the other minerals that will keep me healing properly. I'm pretty sure I'll be physically ready to play cricket this summer. But ...

Will there be a team for me to play for ? That's a bigger doubt than my own fitness ... One team got fired and the other team may have disbanded. So my cricket retirement may be outside of my control. Which means :

I'll need another method to throw myself around like a Mad Thing. Because that's an essential part of being me. Perhaps gym and treadmills ? Maybe. That's something I've never really needed to do as I've obnoxiously abused Natural Fitness. Gym attendance would be easier to maintain if there were someone to keep me interested in it. That's another of my contrasts :

I'm an Introvert Show off.

I like to show off and I try and impress certain people but I'll also fade into the background. But it has to be a special person for me to go into showing off mode. Like only 1% of people.

I also digress a lot. I was able to get to Run Very Fast yesterday but before the switch to Warp Speed :
I was running out of car park ...
The leg was telling me Don't Be Silly (it's ok, maybe 2 more days healing needed)

Maybe this improved mental attitude (definite up from this time last week) is from coming into contact with a certain person ? I'd like to think so. Sometimes the best things come in small packages.

I'm not going to say much more there, except - I hope she's reading. It was an all too fleeting meeting the first time and I'm even more curious now than before.


  1. Definitely thought Capt America was very good - and I don't like Superhero movies which must mean something!

  2. Definitely better than the first one and I thought the first one was pretty good.


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