Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Movie Watch

Been watching more movies lately, both at home and at the cinema.

Cinema watching tends to come in cycles. There's either a bunch of interesting movies on, or there's a dry period that can take months. And that's with a reasonably varied taste in movies. Ok. I admit it, I'm a scifi and fantasy nut but I'll catch historical type movies and ... I've ... seen ... Twilight ... (and the Kristen Stewart version of Snow White - Mirror Mirror was far superior).

Tonight ? It's Riddick.

That's the 3rd theatrical movie in the series - technically the 2 games form part of the narrative plus there's a 30 minute ish animation that bridges Pitch Black into Chronicles of Riddick.

The third movie is a bit of a two parter. You have the segment when he's on his own ... and the segment when mercenaries show up. There's some familiar faces too :

Conrad Pla - gentle giant who I first saw in Regenesis. (Catch that if you can - excellent, challenging series). He also shares a massive resemblance to someone I used to work with. Great guy.
Dave Bautista - wrestling fans will recognise this guy. He's one of the bigger wrestlers, usually does a good job on screen.
Katee Sackhoff - as asskicking as the character she plays in the new Battlestar Galactica.
Vin Diesel - in the role he was perhaps born for. (If it isn't the one in Fast & Furious)

Yep. There's some good players in here and the storyline backs them up. It's worth catching, as are the others in the series. The game Assault of Dark Athena (gog link) was supposed to be quite special too.

I'm tempted as well to watch Dredd tonight. Not the pale imitation which was the Sly Stallone version but the newer version with Karl Urban as the protagonist. This movie is highly recommended (by me ;-) and wasn't in the cinema for as long as it deserved. Olivia Thirlby makes for an excellent sidekick as Judge Anderson too. But most important :

The Helmet - Stays On.

Maybe tomorrow night - the Plan ? I'll be working as normal but after that heading to Tesco for a holiday supply run. I'm off work resting next week, need it to recharge the batteries. Tesco also has a Domino's by it ... That'll give me nasty acid but - it's pizza ! It's worth it. And I can mitigate the acid by doing an all nighter which will more than knock me out on Friday night and hopefully lead to a very long restorative sleep.

It's not particularly healthy staying up more than a day but it can be handy to reset the clock occasionally. Especially if you have a tendency like me to have something like a 26 hour day which just ends up in not enough sleep cos it takes ages to get to sleep on days you have to get up in time for work.

Other movies ?

Captain America 2 - go see it ! It's awesome. Definitely one I'll get on bluray early.
Thor Dark World - not so sure about this one. It tries hard but the script just isn't as strong as Cap Am.
Robocop - expecting this one soon on bluray. It's a very worthy update of the original. There was a lot that was distateful about the original, unnecessarily distasteful and it detracted from the movie. This version pays a lot of homage but is just a far stronger movie.
Transcendance - they just said this word in Riddick but there's a promising movie coming of that name.
Ender's Game - mentioned this one already, very strong movie.

Man Of Steel - we've been waiting a while for a truly worth Superman movie. The originals with the one and only Christopher Reeve were very good but now look quite dated. Man Of Steel looks excellent and has its strong story too. It's a retelling of the original and reintroduces the saga in a way that makes a lot of sense.

Backstory is very important to me. I hear there's a new Transformers movie coming soon, which I'll avoid as long as I can. Why ? Cos I grew up with the backstory from the comics, which was utterly trashed and replaced with something nonsensical by an illiterate fool who can't read autocues.

Last one ? I'm curious about the Raid 2. But mostly because I heard someone would give their kingdom for a cinema that was playing it. I've asked and offered dinner but ... heard nothing in reply. I think she's doing the running away screaming thing.

Which would be perfectly understandable with another few that just caught my eye ... Hmm :
John Carter - ok, not that bad but got Disney'd
The Tourist
Red Sonja - which I like and must watch again soon
Resident Evil Retribution

What can I say about that last one ? Definite Milla Jovovich fan. Not watched Ultraviolet for a while either ... that's one I may upgrade to bluray ...

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