Friday, January 31, 2014

Silly tired and super shiny

New shiny has arrived ! Yey !

(warning - Star Trek spoilers ahead)

I have been really pleased with the Lexus CT but the new IS is just so much better. Tomorrow's plan was to chill out in front of the Six Nations rugby opening weekend but a wander around the middle of Bristol is looking very tempting.

Any chance to play with the new toy.

I joked the other day about a potential name for it being Khan. That came from remembering a scene from the latest Star Trek movie and placing the CT and the IS in the place of the two major protagonists with the IS's response to the CT being : "I am Better. At Everything" (1:47 in the trailer). Hope that didn't seem too arrogant at the time. The way Benedict Cumberbatch says it in Into Darkness is incredibly arrogant. It's like someone looking at a cockroach. He's actually supremely awesome in that part and steals the movie. I feel the need to watch it again.

I put up a Facebook update earlier which said : "I would get out of the car but a b*witched track is playing and it sounds bloody gorgeous". Which it did. And that is a freely made admission that I like certain b*witched tracks (Blame It On The Weatherman). And it did sound great, as good as most domestic hifi systems.

As an aside there - Bluetooth compatibility has been mentioned as a problem. I believe it's the phone that's at fault (I have an iPhone 5). Some things are more compatible than others. It's early days but I've seen no problems with iPhone 5 + Lexus compatibility in 1 CT and 2 IS's. But then again, I think I have a "good" iPhone 5 instead of one with broken bits. My Macbook Air is similar. Apple makes great kit but their quality control seems variable sometimes - I suspect my Macbook Air has weak wifi hardware.

Actually - it sounded better in the car than it's doing on my desktop's speakers at the moment (listening to it in the background). They only cost me a tenner but they've always sounded acceptable.

Lots of shinies on the car but the big reason for change is 220 system bhp instead of 135 system bhp. They call it "system" because the engine has 178 bhp, the motors have 140 bhp. Together, that's 318 bhp but on the road, it's limited to keep everything happy. Electric motors give their maximum power and torque at low speeds, engines give that at higher speeds. The "system" power comes somewhere in the middle.

Ignoring the numbers, it means that it copes with hills much better and it's far easier to maintain an even 70mph on the motorway. I used to have to engage Sport on the CT (for more motor power) to avoid constantly going up and down the mph's which costs mpgs. The CT claimed 69mpg, the best I got was 57 on a 100 mile + run and it averaged 50 through life. The IS claims 60.5mpg and I'm hoping it achieves 50 as well with the better flexibility.

So yeah, I'll be looking for excuses to take it places.

But - after two long weeks with lots to do, I'm super tired. So tired I've been ignoring the gaming lately. I think I will be sleeping a long time tomorrow.

Actually - that's one big change. I've been getting more sleep ! The skin problems are definitely normalising and healing up. I still have to be careful to not damage it. That's easy. Not as easy as before when it felt like if I looked at my arms funny, they'd leak. But I still need that care. I'm thankful it hasn't developed into full blown PA, as that's a brutal condition to live with.

I could do with having a really easy day tomorrow watching the rugby but I am severely tempted to give the Gray Ghost a run into town. If only to compare what's in the manuals to what's in the car.

Did I mention manuals ? They don't do things by halves :
"Quick" Guide - 82 pages
Owner's manual - 612 pages
Navigation system manual - 412 pages

That's right. If I had any loose nails to batter, I could use the manuals and the nails would lose.

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