Tuesday, January 14, 2014

An unhealthy craving ...

Had one of those days yesterday where I didn't want to waste feeling as ok as I have done lately by hiding at home in the evening.

So off I pop to Cribbs, to the local Mall. Ok, it was partly to satisfy research tripping for tellies but I had other itches to scratch too. Doh ! Bad phrasing - scratching = bad ! (My outsides are normalising steadily but I can set the healing back very easily with scratches)

I don't "need" a telly but the "want" is definitely there. There's a few things I want : someone to amuse and keep me amused, a Lexus IS, a telly, freedom from needing to work, perfect health (that goes for the insides as well as the outsides). And other things too. All of the above have proved either prohibitively expensive* or otherwise unattainable. With the someone to amuse, I've met and known a few people who had a lot of potential there (and I think they liked me too) but there seemed to be a Run Away Screaming effect when I expressed an interest. Perhaps I've not met the right person yet, or I've met them and not realised it.

* Affordability ? Plenty of cash in the bank, I can afford the telly easily and I could absorb the cost of upgrading the car. But ... there's plenty of cash in that bank cos I've resisted the urge to be frivolous with the cash. Things like resisting spending £300 on a cricket bat when I suspected I didn't have that many games left to use it in.

Oh - as a furtively related aside, had a SQUIRREL moment today. I was escorting a couple of visitors to where they needed to go to get a train (part of the way cos it was on the way to where the food was and I hadn't eaten yet ... at 1.30pm). And ... coming the other way ... a colleague who happens to fit that pretty + dark hair archetype (you know - the type that sends me wibbly). She normally works in one of our other offices but has that intelligence and bubbly energy that promotes being memorable. She'll go far. She's a favourite in the office she works, she gets things done right. So I have my SQUIRREL moment where my attention switches from the visitors leaving to the new visitor who was looking for a little guidance on where she needed to be.

Still managed to get my lunch too before the canteen closed.

I was going to talk about this Mall run wasn't I ? Guess that tells you how memorable the Squirrel Lady is ;-). Oh, she shares a lot of characteristics with another little lady who I had the pleasure of having a natter with today too.

Hmm - today was a good day : was extra busy but I got to grin at and natter to some very special people.

Oh ! Telly - what I have my eye on is a Samsung 40 or 46 inch 3d thing. They had one for £200-£300 off in PCWorld. And now you're realising why I'm tempted ... It fits the spec (size, 600Hz refresh, trusted manufacturer). But I'll leave it in the shop cos I don't need it.

I did have something else in mind ... and it nearly got me in trouble. I nearly did what you should never, ever do in PC World. It's unfair to the denizens. It's outside their training. They don't know how to cope. It's cruel and unusual punishment. It's against the Geneva Convention. You should never, ever :

Ask a PC World worker a question. Especially a technical question. They try to answer but it's so far outside their area that it can make their head explode.

I resisted with my techie question (something about Powerline networking that I'll figure out on my own) but did actually ask the girl on the checkout when the sale was ending. BIG MISTAKE ! I saw a "HELP HELP HELP DOES NOT COMPUTE" alarm go off in her eyes as she struggled to answer. I thought I'd better leave before she had a nervous breakdown. Poor girl. I dread to think what would have occurred if I'd asked the techie question.

What did I come away from the Mall with ?

A Powerline networking kit that will let my computers get to the printer again (the printer can't see the wifi since I made the change that fixed the audio streaming problems)
3 blurays in the 3 for £20 offer
And a "must check out Ellie Goulding" from listening to a couple of her songs over the tannoy in HMV.

I resisted Miss Millies COOKIES ! Somehow. Something to do with how much they cost. £4 for 6 fairly ordinary cookies is a waste. They are better than the 6 for £1/£1.50 cookies in supermarkets but ... not that much better.

I had an urge to raid the KFC too which I can barely understand. Must be the funny chemicals they put in the recipe. They know me far too well at that KFC, that's a bad sign. I would go elsewhere if I had company but feel awkward about going to the other places on my own.

It's been a couple of good days so far, for different reasons :

Monday - getting stuff (needed to fill up the car too)
Tuesday - meeting people

What will Wednesday bring ? It was going to bring meeting after meeting but both of those have fallen through. To be honest, I'll be glad to get stuff done in work (lunch offers will be listened to - lol) and then leg it. I'm still feeling the lack of energy effects from the bugs I had over Xmas, I've been crashing out listening to videos in the evenings lately with game playing not getting much chance because I haven't had that energy available.

PS It's just a rumour that I only went to the Mall to raid their KFC. Honest. I may have to raid Cabot soon too, not visited that particular coffee shop for a while ;-)

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