Monday, January 20, 2014

Powered by Coffee

Not really. But when I saw this appear in the feed today :
I rofl'd. Loud enough to be noticed and that meant I had to show other people what I was laughing at.

And then they rofl'd. You know how it goes from there. You develop the distinct impression that now would be a good time to have a death grip on your phone before the joke (and your phone with the picture on it) goes all around the office.

I wasn't that bad this morning although :

My legs were complaining so much they didn't let me pulse the extra speed that would have let me catch up with the Snow Queen. I was only about 20 feet behind ! Curse my legs for being slow ! Yeah, they weren't behaving themselves particularly well today. The rest of me was fine but the cold definitely got to my legs.

One of the ladies from the southern office called up to talk work stuff. And I totally missed her saying who she was, which would have made all the difference in getting me up to speed with the context. I caught up eventually but must have sounded really spaced out (the caffeine hadn't kicked in). We figured things out and I think I'm forgiven. To be honest, I thought it was someone in a different office calling me about an email I'd not one minute before sent off.

Still - got lots done today.

Actually - that headline shouldn't really be Powered By Coffee, it should be Powered By Smiles. Cos that's what gets me going. It's what gets me motivated. It's what pushed me up from C for English up to an A. I have good English writing skills in a variety of styles, it was just the motivation that was lacking at school - but when Mrs J turned up ? 15 year old me definitely wanted to impress that one !

A smile goes a very long way. Especially on a Monday morning.

I have a somewhat weird daily cycle that can make Mondays awkward. It's like I have a 26 hour daily cycle. I'll go to bed at a certain time that'll get me maybe 8 hours sleep before the next day. Except ... my body & head don't want to go to sleep at that time, they expect me to be keeping going those extra couple of hours. So ... I get less sleep than I wanted and in the bad days of the skin problem, I'd attack my skin which would lead to me descending into a nasty self destructive circle. As in, no sleep and ragged arms and legs. I'm doing better there now.

I have improved on the outside but still not quite enough to be able to use the knee braces that will keep suffering knees intact. But wait ... Monday-isms. Here's some more !
 Phew ! It's gone now for a week.
Oh yes.


  1. I really don't do Monday's..... or mornings....

  2. I have to admit - it was definitely a wrench getting moving this morning ...


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