Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Turnabout is ... a pain ...


Of all the things that'll keep me out of cricket this year, I didn't think it would be internal injuries.

Today was a good day. The outsides of my legs were much better. I'm not counting my chickens just yet though, I need them good enough for me to be able to throw myself around without second thoughts. Otherwise, I'll just start off the damage again.

Since I went back to my old unhealthy diet and exerted more discipline to stop me damaging myself, my skin's been steadily improving. It's not ready for cricket yet though but it's getting closer. I will need to go back to the doctor's at some point though because there's a few awkward bits that refuse to totally repair. I also need to be gentle with the bad bits.

So ladies - no scratching of the back ;-)

Yep. Lots better than I've been for a while. Enough that I'm thinking more that joining in with the cricket season is a definite possibility instead of thinking I'd be on the sidelines.

There's just one problem ...

I'm getting old. The outsides are improving but I'm struggling on the insides. My leg muscles have always liked to destroy themselves with cramp (which I think is dehydration related to the skin condition) and my knees and hips are probably running low on cartilage.

Had to run for the bus this evening and was surprised that I didn't have a full running stride available. I still made the bus though so I'm not slowed down too much :-). My full running stride is pretty massive actually, when I say I'm quick, it's an understatement. I have enough scope to still be pretty quick on the field even when I'm managing an injury. (When I hurt my back in the last game of last year, noone noticed)

But ... there's that getting old thing again. It's taking longer to recover from those injuries and a few of them aren't healing all that well. I've known it was coming, last year's Pink Hat thing was done partly because I know I don't have that many seasons of running around left in me.

I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts - if my skin lets me :-)

Turnabout ? Last week it hurt to stand up straight because the skin on the backs of my knees was really bad. This week, it hurts to stand cos my left calf isn't too great. But I can live with that, a muscle strain will get better and the rest of me should follow as my skin lets me sleep more easily.

PS You know what's spooky ? Exactly the same thing happened last year, things cleared up in time for cricket but then worsened considerably after the season finished. Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself ...

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