Thursday, April 25, 2013

Keep Smiling

Been noticing something lately.

I'm getting smiled at a lot.

And it's not just by the people who know I'll grin at the slightest excuse, it's completely random people too.

And you know what ? There's some utterly gorgeous women included in that collection of people who have been bursting into smiles as soon as they look into my eyes. (Lol - spot the demographic I notice most!)

I've spent a while wondering why it's happened too. I've not had another dose of plastic surgery to make me look amazing. I've not done any training (outside of the conditioning that comes with walking to/from the bus) so I'm not one of those people who can wiggle their pecs on command (to be honest, I wouldn't want to be). I'm back to being pasty white geek type.

I guess one reason is that my condition in general is improving. It must be showing from the outside, at least the outside bits I allow other people to see. I'll be back in short sleeves for work tomorrow, so people will spot the ugly half-healed bits on my arms. I hope I don't put too many people off their lunch.

However, there's a key word in that last paragraph : "healed". I've not been back to the Doc's lately, so no drugs to cloud the issue. But it does look like I've identified what was initiating the problem (eating too healthily!) and identified treatment (occasional gunk, lots of water and keeping the bad bits clean). When the healing's going better, that'll be the time to go back to the Doc's. I need to confirm what I'm allergic to, which means a test. However, the test won't give good data if there's interference from skin irritated from not being fixed yet.

That's not what I wanted to think about though. I wanted to think about why the pretty ladies all seem to be smiling at me these days :-) Perhaps it's the hat.

No - I think it's deeper than that. The skin thing has had it's own effect on me. I'd go to work, hope I wouldn't leak too much, I'd go home, I'd hide. Sleep (if I could) and repeat. That pattern turned me into an internal looking shell. Confidence was very low and I thrive and depend on my confidence. I think now that my confidence is returning (job's feeding me a steady diet of "yep, dun that rite"), it's starting to show in how I seem to the outside world.

That would be :
Easier smile
Less haunted look
Missing the pain behind the eyes
No zombieplague patches in visible places

Yeah. I'm probably seeming better than average at the moment. I'm still a long way away from being able to play cricket again. Things like some of the messier signs being visible if you know where to look. But - my condition is improving to the point where I can exert less care in managing the condition which in turn means better sleep and all those positive feedback things.

It also helps that I've laid to rest a few demons that were plaguing me, although that's partly about deliberately putting certain things on hold until I get better. Conditions at work are better now too.

I think that's enough for now.

Getting smiles = great
Getting smiles from beautiful women = pretty awesome
Definitely makes me grin :-)

PS I suspect it was probably the hat all along.

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