Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Thirteen - Antihate

Someone said there's a bit too much hate out there on the interwebs and the world in general at the moment. Let's see if we can't do something to offset that, at least in the small way I can here.

And it's been too long since a music post too - lol :-)

First up isn't music directly but a Youtube person called Lucahjin. I first discovered Lucahjin via The GameStation podcast and ended up watching a couple of videos. The reason ? She has a voice that if you lean back and close your eyes, it feels like you're getting one incredibly soothing massage. Here's an example, her first video of a Journey playthrough. I'm definitely going to be keeping an ear on her second channel, Relaxajin.

Goldfrapp is currently playing on iTunes, which brings my mind to their best chill out album, Road To Somewhere. Listen, relax ...

Following Goldfrapp is a track from Simon & Garfunkel but I'm not linking the track that's playing. Instead, one of the most beautiful tracks I know. May you always find your Bridge Over Troubled Water.

And that gives me the idea for No 4 : Knights In White Satin, by the Moody Blues. This version is better than the Elkie Brooks version in my iTunes library simply by not overcomplicating a tune that sings for itself. The only thing that could make that song better is having someone I could sing it to.

5th is a recent discovery. I was walking through HMV looking at stuff I wasn't going to buy and over the tannoy comes another lady singer. My ears prick up and I'm looking her up via the iPhone app (Shazam). That tells me it's Beth Orton, who incidentally wasn't available to buy in the shop. Cue a bit of internet shopping later ... Here's to Thinking About Tomorrow. (watching Oblivion tomorrow!)

There was something many years ago called the Secret Policeman's Ball which was memorable only for two things. It was so universally awful that we turned it off halfway through. However the second thing that made it memorable was far better ... Natalie Imbruglia's Torn done to sign language.

Kate Bush's 50 Words for Snow got bought recently but to be honest, it isn't great. However, Oh England My Lionheart is incredible.

8th in line is another new discovery, The Staves. Another one picked up after hearing it in the shop and on iTunes single of the week :-) Pretty darn good too. Here's Mexico. Check it out, enchanting voices that gang up on you with the harmonies.

Been collecting a little more classical lately. Here's an example : Clair de Lune. Listening to that makes me wish I'd learned to play an instrument instead of just trying to sing along to ...

... Tracks like no 10 Norah Jones singing a cover of Are You Lonesome. I hope you're not Lonesome tonight.

Been listening to more from Morcheeba too, here's Fear & Love. You never quite know what you're going to get from Morcheeba, they like to mix styles within their albums and even their songs. But when they go for a ballad style, you'll sit up and listen.

I'm a big fan of Bat For Lashes and probably would have gone to see her when she came to Bristol last year if not for the skin condition. Oh Yeah, I'm that big a fan.

Last one sees me looking at a few albums that are coming out soon (one's out already) and hoping they live up to the promise from the earlier albums. That's Paramore's latest (waiting for an acceptable price), there's one coming from Little Boots and Lene Marlin plus I do believe that Mindy Gledhill is working on one too. And I Do Adore Mindy Gledhill's fun style which she shows off in this track.

PS I've tried to keep all the links here new ... But it was just so incredibly tempting to link in Blue Sonic Boy as it played through from the Mice New & Improved album.
PS2 I'd have linked the wonderful and heartbreaking Laura from Bat For Lashes if I hadn't linked it before ...

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