Monday, June 27, 2016


I actually adulted today !
Well, technically I adulted at work as well but I don't count that. Adulting at work is kind of expected, I try and avoid it when I get home. Rest and recuperation and all that.

Today's job was a plumbing job that I should have done a long time ago but I was a bit scared of a few things :

Heading up into the attic. This involves going backwards up my ladder and then levering myself up into the loft. It's ... precarious. And a bit of a stretch in my current condition. I had to go up and down from there a few times and my muscles were starting to complain by the end of that. They're still suffering from my general mineral imbalance.

(I'm still struggling to maintain a proper amount of hydration in me. I think my body is confused there between repairs, what my muscles demand and having too much water on board).

The whole plumbing thing. You know, the possibility that as soon as you undo the tap, you'll get drowned in a deluge of water. That went ok this time.

Yep. The whole getting it wrong thing ...

Anyway - looks like job done and a drip that's been going for far too long has been fixed. I am thankful for a few things in my adulting :

Having the dexterity still to do this. My hands also get affected by the whole mineral imbalance thing and like to cramp up in certain situations. Not good when you're trying to grip things.

A new toy - previously, I'd depend on my torch put in a strategic place (i.e. a place where it casts light and doesn't roll away, smash and leave me in a dark attic). The new toy is a head mounted light, which is AWESOME ! Love it. It gets the light where I want it. I was actually shopping for a battery powered lantern type thing that I'd hang somewhere appropriate but the headlamp is far better.

That it apparently worked ... Hurrah ! And phew. Because it's handy to have a Second Adulty Type Person to hang around by the mains water tap (which doesn't actually close completely apparently) in case you do get a deluge from the bit you just replaced.

Anything more to be thankful for ?

Not slipping, hitting my head and dying. That's the other thing about the second adulty thing. I'm quite conscious of being on my own here when going up in that attic. Because it is a bit precarious getting up there.

Anyway. That's my adulting for today. One plumbing job - complete ! There are still a few plumbing jobs to do here and I'll need a carpet replaced eventually as a result of leaving this leaky drippy ballcock unfixed for far too long.

Apart from that - easy night tonight. There's no stream to watch so ...

Football on the telly, England are currently 2-1 behind at half time and while I'm ambivalent about England football, I would like them to win. After the football finishes, it'll be music on the hifi with the Oblivion soundtrack.

I'm going to avoid the gaming tonight as I'm feeling somewhat wiped out. The gaming hops me up and ... actually is a bit tiring while I have fun with it. I'll be back in with the Happy Hive in Stellaris soon enough, taking over the rest of the galaxy while being scared of the Fallen Empire (best tech, squash me like a bug at the moment) that is on one of my borders. I'm enjoying Stellaris.

I'm keeping an eye on the Steam game sales too, although I haven't pulled the trigger on the two games in my cart (Convoy and Rymd Resa).

I'm attempting to avoid damaging myself more, although ... itchy !!!

Yep. More games videos to watch, currently it's an EnterElysium alternate World War 2 in Hearts of Iron 4. It's a grand strategy game set around World War 2 which ... is a bit beyond what I want to learn to play. But it's amusing to watch their games and how the alternate history plays out. He's currently invading America as the Fascist British Empire.

But I am pleased with my adulting for today.
Yep. That goes for you too.

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