Friday, June 17, 2016

Forgot a Title Again

Actually I think it's the first post I've done where I've forgotten a title !

It actually borrows from a little bit of fun I started having with myself a few years ago when labels appeared on posts. If I couldn't think of an adequate label and didn't want to start a new label off, I'd use "forgot a label again".

I'm currently enjoying watching Independence Day again, ahead of watching the sequel that is coming soon.

Crikey it shows its age ! But it's still accurate for the time.
Cathode Ray Tube tellies and monitors.
Bakelite telephones. Landlines and hardly any mobiles !
Ancient cars.
World Trade Centre.
Pretty good but still "you can see the seams" computer generated animation.

I still think it's a good film and I'm looking forward to the sequel. Will probably watch it next Friday pm, time permitting. I thought about heading off to the cinema this pm to watch either Alice or Warcraft but ... tireds. Oh well. I think I'll be missing both of those but will definitely catch them when they get to Sky Movies.

I was going to put a post up yesterday mentioning a little about a pic I found.
I don't usually pollute this page with anything political or near-political but this one made me chuckle. It's poking fun at our current referendum campaign. The internet world which it's from is far more sane.

The context ?

Lave is the system that you start off at in the very original Elite and it's been carried through into the current Elite Dangerous game too. Lave Station is a Coriolis station, like the icon in the pic.

So by Voting Lave, you're voting to have fun in a game.

I'll be voting on Thursday and I've made my mind up as to who to vote for. I won't tell you who, it's your own decision and I trust you to cut through the absolute garbage that we see on the telly and the rest of the media about it.

There are so many agendas out there at the moment and so much spin. Who can you trust to tell you what you need to know instead of how they want you to vote ?

Yep. A post like this one nearly appeared yesterday but I held off due to the shooting incident that led to the death of one of our MPs. Very sad indeed. Remember the name Jo Cox.

Erm - Independence Day ! It's nearly finished. Then I may well go back to a little bit of Internet Spaceships before a tomorrow and Sunday which will be Le Mans and the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. I suspect there will be a lot of broken cars by Sunday :

Le Mans had storms yesterday that made the circuit an ice rink, plus there was a fair bit of mechanical mayhem before them.
The Azerbaijan circuit looks like one of those where racing should never have been considered. It's very narrow in places and the run off areas are wholly inadequate.

Hopefully no one gets hurt in those races ...

Oh ! Before I go, more daftness. I thought I'd resurrect my old laptop for ... reasons. This would involve putting Windows 10 on it. Apparently ... the screen is not compatible with Windows 10. Everything else - fine ! But the bog standard laptop screen is not.

Oh dear.

That laptop had had its time anyway, in using it for a brief time I remembered why I had moved on from it - it suffered quite badly from when I was in a really bad condition and would need an extreme clean out before it is properly usable again. (Keyboard ain't happy and the trackpad was always inadequate).

But - no Windows 10 due to incompatible screen ? The mind boggles !

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