Sunday, July 03, 2016

Sunday Randomness

Is it really Monday since the last post ?

I better do another of those Alphabet posts because I've been lacking ideas to put posts around !
Last week seemed really tough. The first part was worrying about my dad and I think the rest was catching up on the exhaustion that has a hold on me at the moment. It took less than an hour to sort out the plumbing job on Monday but it took most of what I had.

My dad's doing better. He's home now and the sister reports that the damage is restricted just to dragging a leg a bit. Hopefully the nerves relearn what they're supposed to do but it's great news. Far better news than what we were expecting, it sounded pretty serious.

My mum and dad have had some pretty serious stuff happen to them over the last few years and they've come through it really well. Long may that continue.

I've been looking to recover too. I think all of the really nasty stuff in me has gone now but my outsides are still particularly weak and prone to being redamaged. That said, when I do tear new holes in me, they typically repair in the 3 days or so cuts and bruises always used to.

I just have to stop redamaging things. I have some Gunk to help out there too, Fucibet has proved pretty effective for me.

That's one thing I'd pass on to everyone who suffers from problems with their outsides. You will attack the damage. It's basic human nature. But ... you can mitigate the damage that you do to yourself by redirecting it. So for me now, when the itchies hit at work, I've been tackling the source of the problem instead of the symptom. Translation - I've been giving my arms a drink with E45 cream. And it seems to be working too ! Arms are looking a bit better.

I've been watching the sport too.

England have been doing incredibly well in the cricket, the men and the women. It's as if the plans have come together and they work so well as a unit. Cricket is like that, individual performances stand out but it's only when those individuals come together as a team that they win. I've been really enjoying watching the men and women team win lately.

Talking of individuals and team - I've been quietly chuckling at the England football team fumble their way out of this championships. I'll support every England team or individual (make that UK and Republic of Ireland) playing that I see, although there is a kind of hierarchy when they play each other. But ... I'll laugh at the footballers because of a general lack of respect for any footballers. They're a despicable bunch who lie and cheat their way to victory. There is no honour in that and they should be ashamed of themselves. Oh and there's the massively overpay thing as well.

That said, I do moderate that support according to how the other supporters or teams behave. There's a kind of Meh feeling about the Welsh at the moment after them failing to adequately explain away their celebrations at England going out of the tournament. See that comment before about honour. There is no honour in cheering another person's misfortune.

Other games ?

I took a rest from Stellaris over this week, partly through inclination, partly through having the Chrissa streams on the desktop. I'm wanting to pay attention to those. Glad I did on Wednesday because the coverage of the Inside game was golden. Funny, shocking, tense. She does top value streams that one (link on the right and she's replaying Mass Effect 2 at the moment, one of the best games ever).

Oh and my wrist has been acting up too. Makes it sore to play the games and I'd rather keep Good Wrist times for work. Stellaris is on hold for a bit as well at the moment due to the mods I use needing to catch up with the latest patch.

I've been spending the moneys too !

3 have turned up from the Steam sale :
RymdResa - a space exploration game
Convoy - a scifi game where you're battling across the planet to repair your ship
Shadowrun Hong Kong - near future role play game where technology and magic mix

Add to that a few albums :
Bat For Lashes - The Bride - I will buy this lady's albums til the end of time. What a voice.
Garbage - Strange Little Birds - a group that continues to be awesome.
Sia - 1000 Forms of Fear - hmm, great voice, not the best writing. Still enjoyable.

I'm currently enjoying Madonna's album Music while the postmortem of the France vs Iceland game is on the telly (muted because the pundits are a waste of space usually). Great Grand Prix today, followed by a time delayed England Women thumping the Pakistan team. And now Chrissa streaming Mass Effect 2.

I'll try and not leave it a week until the next post !

PS Almost forgot !!! Thursday evening was watching Independence Day 2. A decent, enjoyable movie with lots of scifi action on the screen. I was entertained. But while watching, it felt a bit more like one of those b-movie mockbuster movies where they clone a major blockbuster. Odd.

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