Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Meme of Threes

You know me. A tempting looking meme appears and I'm there. Meme soon, ramble first :-).

I'm shattered ! I'm really looking forward to the winter break. I have a fortnight off and I really need it. It's getting tougher to raise the concentration levels. At the moment, the next stage of Elite is loading (slowly) but I won't play it tonight because I don't want to commit that level of mental effort. I have the Kim Birthday stream on instead, listening to that in the background and when I hit Publish, I think I'm going to start reading Maze Runner.

The tired is worth it, it's partly born from getting to spend an evening with a Pretty Lady :-). Here we go :
That's the German Market, captured from the part of Cabot Circus in Bristol overlooking the main market avenue. (As an aside, I'm pleasantly surprised with how that picture has worked out - no flash, unbraced camera).

You won't be surprised to hear that more cookies and some cake escaped with me too.

Yep. Lovely evening with a wonderful little lady who I think quite liked gifts and dinner. I'm tired now though. Currently chilling out to another charming little lady livestreaming for us on her birthday night. Happy birthday Kim ! However, my mind's still in yesterday. And not just due to :
Yep. Cake bigger than hand and I have one waiting to be devoured. (That pic's from last year and my hand is back to pasty white, rather than exczema/psoriasis afflicted blotchiness). I wonder if someone's finished her nuts or cookies yet ...

Hang on ... Meme of threes ?

Meme ! The one on Facebook is a little different because that's a little less accessible. Pictures too maybe ?
Three names I go by
1. Sleepy - from pen and paper gaming (and here!)
2. Ice - from WoW
3. Keela - from Eve online (originally from the pen and paper gaming)

Three places I lived
1. Dromara - my pre-teen years were spent living in Northern Ireland
2. Lincolnshire - land of flat things
3. Bristol - home !

Three places I have worked
1. Ruskington - doing the paper round which built me power legs
2. Civil service - someone has to !
3. Intergalactic delivery service - wait, Elite and Eve don't really feel like a job like Azeroth Hero did.

Three things I love to watch
1. CRICKET ! Couldn't you guess ?
2. Scifi
3. People - I like to see how people do things. Can I steal their ways and do things better ?

Three places I have been
1. Active volcano - not belonging to an Evil Genius. I think.
2. Snowdon - with dwagon !
Adorbale yes ? (Yes I am tired and it's making me get words and letters in wrong order the)
3. The deck of an aircraft carrier.

Three things I love to eat
1. PIZZAAA !!!
Yep. May be part turtle.
2. TEACAKE !!!!! Morning essential. And not just because it gives me change for the bus the next day.
3. COOKIESS !!!!!!!!!! Happy Cookie Place rocks.
Not sure if I'm getting that cookie back. Looks like he has a firm grip.

Three people I think will respond
1. Sister
2. CK
3. Various Pixies ?

Three things I am looking forward to
1. Opening presents !!!!
2. Holiday coma
3. Telling lovely person how much I like her presents !!!!!

Tired now. Back with another of the A to Z meme posts later in the week.

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