Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cruising the library again

I've managed to listen to everything* in the library again !
Time for a reset soon so I can listen to it all again. Ok, maybe not just yet, I'll give it a little longer. Resetting the play counts is a big step because it will take literally 6 months to listen to it all again. The "Recently Played" is back to 100 days listened to and that's 7000 of the 14000 (ishes x2) in the library.

*(There's a soundtrack waiting for me for a free game plus I'm umming and arring over getting some more in their sale).

This post has really been triggered by hearing In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel playing over and under an episode of The Flash that I watched earlier. It's from his excellent album Sledgehammer and I'm actually listening to his first album right now.

Oh and listening to The Cardigans For What It's Worth via the Youtubes. Wonderful song. Yep. I'm in a bit of a Cardigans listening frenzy courtesy of hearing Algebra (A Camp, also starring Nina Persson's voice) over the semi-random iTunes pick. It's now You're The Storm, a very anthemic track. I'll go back to listening/watching other videos soon.

Or even My Favourite Game (can you tell that I like listening to The Cardigans ?). I had a good cathartic session in Elite earlier. Going to lots of different places, doing missions for the Imperials. They have a new ship coming called the Imperial Cutter and it's next on my target list of ships.
They won't let me buy that yet (it's not even in the game yet ! waiting a patch) because I need a few promotions from those Imperials. It's giving me something to be interested about in the game.

I have the Red Planet soundtrack coming up. That was a fairly reasonable space scifi film from quite a few years ago. The plot went a bit daft and it didn't get the reception it may have deserved. It got quite difficult to get a copy (I got one !) and I want to watch it again. Over the Xmas break definitely.

The album after that is Ray Of Light which is one of Madonna's best. It has wonderful songs like Frozen and is one of those albums that just unfolds as you listen to its story, starting with Drowned World/Substitute For Love and finishing with the slow Mer Girl. I'll look forward to listening to this album again (probably tomorrow), it really shows off that incredible voice.

I got reminded of how good Enya is the other day as her turn came back round again with the Watermark album popping up. This has the quick paced Orinoco Flow, which got her the attention of an adoring public. But it also has the slow songs of Evening Falls which really show off that voice. I need some more of her albums, I only have Watermark and Shepherd Moons.

I just added a bit of Jimi Hendrix to the collection with his Fire: The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Interesting, he definitely earns that reputation on the electric guitar. Check out Voodoo Child.

I'm definitely looking forward to watching the Star Wars movie, hopefully on Friday. I want to see what they've done with the place and of course, there is always the brilliant John Williams theme soundtrack. I suspect there will be a new theme for this one like Duel of the Fates, Imperial March added to the classic theme.

However, I'm more looking forward to saying hello to someone again on Monday :-). She doesn't like Star Wars so I won't inflict that on her. This lovely lady reminded me of the brilliance of the voices of the Cranberries (opinions may vary !). Definitely great voices when applied to Linger.

She also makes me think of Morcheeba and their vocalist. It's been a while since I've seen The Sea.

Oh my - one of my favourite singers just started playing. The track is Gypsy Dance by All About Eve, from their first album. Their Scarlet And Other Stories album will be coming up on my playlist soon, incredible album. Dress her in Scarlet ? (odd that Scarlet is not available over youtube !)

I better leg it ... It's almost Christmas ! Which means a bombardment of Christmas music ... It isn't all bad or supercheesy. There's the Coventry Carol, A Winter's Tale and let her go home before the search parties start Baby It's Cold Outside.

Not that cold out at the moment though. Don't think we're getting a White Christmas this year ;-). It was the first of the Xmas Munchies yesterday. A good Munchie was had by all. I disappeared earlier because I was utterly shattered. I'm doing better today. A restful night followed by chilling out in game has seen some energy return. Only one week to go now until a fortnight away and then who knows ? Could be working somewhere else ;-).

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