Sunday, December 06, 2015

Market Day

I managed to get to Bath Xmas market on Friday !


I'm not convinced about this particular market. It felt a lot like it was a market for local traders that just happens to be on around Xmas. There were a few festive themed outlets in the various chalets but ... that accounted for maybe half of them ?

I have to admit, my opinion might be getting biased by various physical things that were going on (more in a bit). I did enjoy the variation of wandering around Bath for a while. It's a ... nice? (am struggling for words !) city, if somewhat more cramped up than Bristol.

Cities and towns tend to spread themselves out according to their geography. Cities like Lincoln (where I grew up !) are based around a long straight High Street. Leicester has its golden mile, filled with jewelery shops. Nottingham and London are built around their rivers, because the rivers brought in the trade before rail and road took over.

Bath is a bit more cramped, so it's more radial than in that line. Shops are tightly packed, lots of variation in shop actually, when I head to the Mall or Cabot, there are typically only maybe 3 or 4 shops I'm interested in (Waterstones, HMV, not Head because they sell bad* stuff, coffee shops, Thorntons) but there were far more curiosity shops in Bath selling Shinies.

*(ex rental blurays/dvds which have that "not for resale" on them)

Shines are awesome.

Bath is built up a lot more too. 3 and 4 story buildings are common. I'd be curious about living there, it's much posher than Bristol, although that shows in the attitude of the people as well. I did enjoy my lunch at the Guildhall market.

I didn't buy much, apart from a t-shirt which will make one of the teams go potty. Yep, it's another subversive message t-shirt. (I must grab a pic, although I'm not showing that pic until the team have seen it). And I got another bit of a Xmas present for a special person. I need more shinies still for that little lady.

Worth going, although I perhaps sound a bit down about it. 2 reasons :

Having to slow down my walking to fit in with the crowd was ... actually being quite painful. My dodgy right hip didn't appreciate not being able to freely stride out.
An hour and a half to get home ! Crikey. The route out from the Park and Ride was utterly jammed. Will research the route a little more next time as I get the feeling that will be common with that route and I'll go another way.

I think the long drive, combined with dehydration (not drinking enough during the day), led to a headache that had my head fuzzy for the rest of Friday and a little bit of Saturday (hence no finger tapping).

I have been enjoying watching those Yogscast streams, Saturday and today so far at least. Friday evening was spent catching up with some of the already recorded videos and some telly. Basically, anything not taxing for the head. I don't get headaches too often but I feel them when I do, it's the only pain I can't deal with by concentrating it away.

Think I may still be a little fuzzy. Will have more coffee later, that's a good headache cure for me. That's really bad isn't it ... Shows a definite addiction to caffeine !

Anyway, I can hear the dinner binger going off in the kitchen, which means it's time for me to rescue my bit of fish before the house burns down. I always let the binger bing a few times because you know that "In a preheated oven" part of the instructions ? I don't really pay much attention to that, so the oven is heating up for part of the cooking time.

I'm rambling aren't I ...

Bath market :
Lovely city, posh people (good thing and bad thing), enjoyed my massive sandwich in Guildhall Market (big enough that I didn't need dinner);
Worthy finale to Doctor Who this year;
Market was ... ok;
Traffic is nasty;
Bacon and sausage sarnies are awesome;
I didn't get wet in the showers that I believe dodged Bath;
2 more weeks of work to go before a break;
1 more week before I see Cupid's Gift again !

And you know what I'm looking forward to at the moment. Noooo ... not my dinner.

PS Am also looking forward to Star Wars more than I thought I would but I think I'll be seeing it on my own as the work-ish friends don't want to see it and I wouldn't want to subject my other current cinema buddy to it. Maybe Luth ... The newer SW trailer before Hunger Games 4 was amazing. Hunger Games 4 ? A fitting finale but we won't remember those films in 4 years. Spectacular but no Battle Royale.

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