Monday, June 01, 2015

Who stole the sun ?

I think I got home just about in time today !

I had another away trip today. Just 100 miles there, 100 miles back this time which is a bit more distance than it needs (can do it in 80 miles but it's quicker to go around the houses on the motorway).

I got home just before Noah signalled All Aboard on the ark. It's gone even grimmer since.
That's from ages and 1 car ago but it pretty much sums up how things are today. Also add in wind that was strong enough to blow the hat off between me exiting the car and getting in the house. And that's maybe just 12 feet !

Someone said on Twitter that it might be her fault seeing as she's just come back from holidays. No I don't think you've chased the sun away Kim ! Maybe it's the cricket. Besides, those Kim-videos are just what we need on a grim rainy day to banish the darkness. It has no chance against that innate sense of fun that you bring to the gaming videos.

(I do hope she has a peek and reads that !)

That's it for me and work travel until after I get back from a week off. 4 more days in office, 3.5 really because I have a heap of flexi credit now and fully intend to spend some of it watching Mad Max on Friday. Anyone care to join me ?

Hmm. Gone chilly. Which means an excuse to pull out one of my favourite pics :
Wow - that's 2 cars ago now and I haven't looked back at that horrid Focus at all. It was a 52 plate ST170 which had a failing 3rd gear (compromised design made the 3rd gear very weak), amongst other problems. It guzzled the petrol and didn't have the chassis to back up the limited power it had. It was a little faster than the Puma but was slower from A to B because you just couldn't throw it through corners with any confidence. Whereas the Puma would get airborne at 70mph on my favourite roundabout exit bump, I'd rarely go past 50 in the Focus because it was still wobbling around from the last corner.

I do like a car that handles well. It's what drew me to the Lexus CT, although that didn't have enough power to keep me happy. The IS has more power but hasn't truly convinced me about it's handling. Perhaps it's too big and heavy ? It does do well on that B road I love (look up Colsterworth by the A1 around Stamford, south of Grantham - lovely bit of rally track road)

I digress.

It may be nasty and horrible out there (and I got in just as the spray on the motorway was approaching white-out conditions) but ... Keep a smile on there.

Shut those curtains, batten down the hatches, ignore that howling wind (hopefully you secured all potentially flying objects !) and enjoy your evening, however you intend to spend it.

Me ? I have the music on, I'm listening to a Hannah video in the background, there's another Hannah video queued up (she's a funny lady) and I'll queue up a few more videos after too. Not really in the mood to watch dvd's (I need to watch Jurassic Park 3 again before watching Jurassic World!) and my brain is still a bit too fried to do gaming tonight. (Out the door at 7am, back home at 5pm, 220 miles travelled and having to act sensible most of the day)

If a little chill out still fails to keep out the apocalypse that seems to be happening outside, there's always :
(thx Thumper!)

Goodnight and if you're a small person* who chooses to venture out in this, may you either have an anchor in your bag** or a friendly person to offer their hand to hold to stop you blowing away.

*(just saying cos I know a few very special small people !)
**(the rumours that ladies have everything in their handbags is ... yet to be disproved ... and is quite possibly the original idea behind the D and D Bag of Holding)

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