Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Gravity ... too high

Almost holiday time !

Really feeling the need for it.
When I get really tired, I start losing track of days, which is affected by times when I'm not in that regular Monday to Friday work schedule (Monday was an away day). What day is it today ? Yep. Wednesday but it's a tiredness sign for me when I have to actively think about that. Bins tonight too !

Whinge time - the hurty bits have got more noticeable this week. My sleep has been compromised and I've been in awkward positions (stop sniggering ! ok, I admit it, I chuckled) to stop damage to my broken outsides. But that doesn't help poorly back or shoulders. My legs have also been a bit strange, they've bulked up again. It's not the swelling that I had before, my knees are ok so I don't have the protective swelling keeping my knees happy. No, it's like I've been building up the muscles in the legs again which makes them more prone to my greatest enemy, cramp.

Yep. Pain level is ... noticeable. It's not quite at "send me painkillers" but for the first time in I dunno how long, I'm considering that. Yep. Ouchies.

But I don't want to dwell about that and you don't really want to hear it. It's like a call for sympathy and that's not me. I'd do things in the past like warn the cricket people that I wasn't up to par. And then play anyway. Daft thing is that when I was suffering from a bad back one season, playing was actually what I needed and it freed itself up pretty much as I was running on the field.

Perhaps exercise is the key ?

Two more days at work to go though. I can do that. I draw strength from lovely people who chat to me (although today the pooter nearly went out the window, our Win7 Enterprise is wobbly as jelly). It's like giving a happy response or trying to get a response that'll make them chuckle will rub off on me and make me a little bit happier to.

It won't work for everyone but if you have those depressive tendencies, talk to people. Even if it's taking advantage of accepting that offer of a 10 minute insanity break to get a coffee. If you try and hold it in, the bad thoughts become self reinforcing. And if you think a 10 minute insanity break loses you 10 minutes of work, think of how more productive you'll be if you exorcise those bad thoughts. 10 minutes away could lead to 30 minutes less being dominated by the bad thoughts at the desk.

Happy thoughts.
But watch out for that insanity break if you have fiends who would actively consider time bomb sodas for amusement. Yes. I mean you. You know exactly who I mean.

Yep. I've been getting through the stretch to this week off by borrowing a little strength from all those people who chat, who give that pat on the back for Good Things, people who smile, people who let me help them out.

Plans for the time off ?

Lots of cricket watching. There should be Twenty20 games on most of the days and there will be England vs New Zealand one day games on too. I think we'll get hammered in those, the changes made have involved dropping our two best bowlers (who are admittedly ineffectual in one day games) while the dodgy batting is allowed to stay immune to the axe. We're also ignoring our most promising spin bowler, Adil Rashid, who spun Yorkshire to another county championship crown on a home pitch that doesn't suit spin. Get him in the side !

Le Mans is the weekend of the 13th and 14th. I try and watch that every year. This will be my pizza opportunity. If I try to watch the whole 24 hours, making too much acid due to pizza cheese will be irrelevant because I won't be attempting sleep. That's the plan at least. I've not managed to do an all nighter since uni.

Still need to see Mad Max ! The obvious time is Friday after work, although the first showing would be about half 6. Any readers wanna join me ?

I fully expect that me and the boys will watch San Andreas too, plus Jurassic World is out next week as well. Beware the dinosaur with tools :
And coming full circle, there is the Interservices Twenty20 tournament at Lords on Thursday 11th. I'm having strange thoughts here. To get there by car is 2 hours to the underground station, then 1 hour on the underground and the same to get back. The train would be 1 hour 15 to Paddington and then a little less underground time to Lords. I'm tempted, although to get a much cheaper offpeak ticket would see me missing an hour at the start.

Of course if there is anyone who'd like to do the trip with me from Bristol ? There's room in the car for 3 more.

It might be a fairly full week. Hopefully I can get some healing in and not too many steps backwards this time. If I can keep my posture right too and have the right kind of food and drink intake, that should help out my insides. They're compromised at the moment by my body trying to repair the outsides and getting confused.

2 more days to go though. And despite the tired, I can see me adopting Bounce Off The Walls Get Caged Up And Chained To Desk hyperactivity on the last day to clear all the work to be done before disappearing.
And I was swearing today - the work machine was being very obnoxious.

Message to work people - hide the drums ! Don't let me see them.

Cya !

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