Saturday, June 27, 2015

Walking with Dinosaurs ?

Had a great night Thursday evening.

I don't get many chances to see Cupid's Gift but we managed to be in the same place at the same time on Thursday to watch Jurassic World. It was pretty close to her birthday too, so there were a couple of extra thingys in my bag. An Easter Egg too ! (Yes it was in date).

I must have chosen good things because I got hugs.

Hugs are awesome.

Movie ?

If you watched Jurassic Park, this is slightly different. It's in an established park and there's all the chance to do things Bigger ! Better ! With More Teeth ! We see a few old friends come back in with the dinosaurs. None of the original cast are involved, although there is a nice nod to the late great Richard Attenborough.

It follows the usual formula of having a few kids go off into danger they are completely unaware of (haha - where would plots come from if you couldn't do this ?). It sets up the various protagonists (human and dino) without those introductions outstaying their welcome. The action builds steadily into a massively spectacular and boneshaking climax. You feel for the characters (especially the dinos)

Almost the film of the year. (There's a few too many daft plot things in there for it to be a genuine film of the year). Definitely one of the best this year so far. My advice, watch Jurassic Park again first as a warmup. But don't watch JP2 or JP3 as these were poor and may discourage you from seeing what is a quite excellent movie.
Yep. Go see it.

Of course me enjoying the movie could have partly been down to the company ;-)

We get on really well me and CG. There are the text messages that bounce between us that always have me breaking out into that silly grin (no matter my mood before!) when I see/hear one come in. When we see each other, we'll talk until we literally have to be required to be elsewhere. On Thursday, the place we ate our after dinner movie (Coal's Bar - yum) was shutting. Yep. Last people there.

I was home before midnight, honest, after dropping off this lovely lady at her home. And not even knowing that I'd be at war with our work's IT would dispel that happy mood. Although I did wear this as a statement of what I thought of the pooters we're forced to slave over :
Mine is in purple. Purple rocks. And that definitely sums up my attitude when I have to walk away from the machine before it gets drop tested from our 2nd floor office window.

It would have been the dinosaur picture (modelled by avatar dwagon) but that was in the wash (oops, bad planning !).
Oh - I did a probably bad thing yesterday. I blame work's canteen for not having any decent meat for the sandwiches which forced me to go to the Mall for lunch. Yep. Forced. Honest.

I did manage to resist the Thorntons temptation (this is really, really tough) but ... somehow an iPad Mini 2 walked out of PC World with me. Oops. I've been investigating getting one of these for ages now, for the iOS games as well as using it for eBooks. I need to read more, it's bad that I've gotten out of the habit.

And now I'm (slightly) hooked on the Fallout Shelter game. It's a freebie to promote Fallout 4, which I am curious about but definitely won't get on release. The developer/publisher, Bethesda, have a well established reputation for making games that get an immensely popular reputation but aren't actually that great. Gameplay is everything in games and the Bethesda systems tend to be a little bit flawed. Plus we've seen a string of high profile games have disastrous releases lately, some of them (Assassins Creed Unity from Ubisoft) still don't work right and Batman Arkham Knight has been pulled from sale because it was so badly broken.

Advice - save your money and let other people do the real world testing on stuff. It's a timid attitude but we're not all loaded, are we ? Save your money until you're assured that it's worth spending. Bravery is an applaudable characteristic but does have its cost. And it's silly being brave over buying stuff, save the bravery for when it'll help people. Or is that heroism.

I'm having this strange urge for pizza plus my tummy is telling me it needs something inside it so I'd better go but :

Evenings out with Pretty Ladies are awesome
(My back agrees, it started releasing yesterday and it's pretty much pain free today - that's what a happy attitude can do !)
Be wary when you get bombarded with shiny offers
Trust other consumers over the advertising and sales people
Dinosaur movies can still be incredible.
And I've cleared enough cable recording box space to let me watch Interstellar tonight.

Now looking forward to Minions, the next Terminator movie and seeing Pretty Lady again.

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