Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Music - Happy Songs

I've been struggling for things to write about lately. Enough, in fact, that I have a little fear that playing the games more is having a bit of a "All Work And Some Play Make Sleepy Dull" effect.


But one of my best and dearest friends, someone who always has that knack of making me look in the right direction to go in again, has given me an idea. Happy songs ! So here we go.

I'll start with one especially for someone who's recently become a very special friend. It's The Sea by Morcheeba, sung by that angelic songstress Skye Edwards. Lovely chill out, both in the music and the words.

Next up is one that's always been a Happy Song favourite. It's Alisha's Attic with The Incidentals. Have a listen, you'll quickly see why I like the joy inherent in that song.

I can never do one of these without including a Cardigans track. This one isn't Cardigans, it's from Nina Persson's A Camp project. Perhaps not a happy track in terms of super-bouncy-happy but it tells a story of mismatched singles finding a perfect partner. I like the story that Song For The Leftovers tells.

How could I leave out Mr Blue Sky ? Love that song. And I know a Skye who could easily use the Ms Sunshine nickname I gave to another lady. Cos when she smiles, giggles or chuckles, everything seems brighter. Don't be blue Skye, shine bright !

And while we're talking about something irresistably lovable, check out I Do Adore from Mindy Gledhill. Very sweet, very innocent, smiles guaranteed.

A few more that get me sitting up, listening and almost certainly (sorry about this) singing along are :
Paramore - The Only Exception
Norah Jones - Man Of The Hour
Katie Melua - Shy Boy
Nina Simone - Here Comes The Sun
Lucy Spraggan - Last Night (Beer Fear) (starts at 1m15)
(I don't watch X Factor - but that video is awesome)
Gloria Estefan's naughty Love Toy
Hannah Peel - The Almond Tree, sad song but somehow makes you smile
KT Tunstall - enchanting that first audience with Black Horse and the Cherry Tree

Going back a bit, there's River City People's version of California Dreamin'. There's that lady with long black hair thing again. But this is a lady with an incredible voice singing an incredible song.

Talking of that, I could never do happy songs without a Kate Bush mention or an All About Eve mention. AAE's Goth nature tends to lead to maudlin but they occasionally come out with something super-happy like Pyjamadrama (I know that's on YT somewhere ...). And what could be happier than a Wow moment.

Showing that something of supreme beauty can come from unexpected beginnings are dance group Dirty Vegas with the acoustic version of Days Go By. Gorgeous. Air are another dance group but ... just have a listen to You Make It Easy.

Oh - Duffy. You are so special but so special no one really understands how to get the best out of you. They keep trying to put you in a mould that will never fit. But with songs like My Boy ...

I was just thinking about Edie Brickell this morning. Another unconventional singer, she keeps getting the best out of what she has. Songs like Tomorrow Comes open an album out and get that toe tapping and that mouth twitching into a smile.

I'll close with one last one. It's Goldfrapp's Utopia, which closes out Felt Mountain. It's a perfect showcase for Alison's wonderful voice.

There's a few more who I'd like to include songs from here. People like Sleeper, Snow Patrol, The Staves, Suzanne Vega, Abba, Tori Amos, Bat For Lashes ... but they do mostly sad songs. Perhaps another time :-)

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