Wednesday, April 22, 2015

If Cadburys Made Spaceships

There's some me-stuff coming later but since knocking up this :
I've wanted to post it in lots of places.

I'm especially proud of this one. It only took maybe 10 minutes to create from the original :
I really love the job the yard boys have done with that paint job. Very shiny. Very purple. And it only took maybe 10 minutes to create in GIMP. I'm getting on better with that programme too. They can take some figuring out but anyone could do that conversion job. Yep. You too !

What does take a little ... inspiration is how far you go in things like selecting the bits to recolour (I use the magic-thingy which selects blocks of similar colour but too keen and you'll change the colour of things like the landing pad) and what to recolour it to.

When I photomanipulate things, I'm usually only 90-95% happy (if that) with the results. But I like that one above. It's shiny. But enough of game stuff.

I've felt really good today.

That's all part of having those manic depressive tendencies. If you're good, you're flying. If you're down, it's a real struggle. When I'm up, strange messages tend to start flying around. Hopefully amusing but it can take that little bit of decoding to untangle the weird humour.

If you could call it humour.

I hope it makes people chuckle at least. What's triggered it off today ?

Messages to Lovely People. A few lovely people actually. One in particular last night while I was preparing to look at bathrooms.
(When manic, I could probably be described as an outrageous flirt. But ... it's deep'n'meaningful for just one particular lady at the moment. I hope she realises who she is !)
Random people coming to peek here. When I see a familiar fingerprint on the hit logs, I translate it as being familiar people who care. Nice people who are interested in what I write. You're AWESOME.

Actually, you don't know how much of a lift that gives. Although I suspect some of the hits I translate as "Yey ! Person A has come to peek" are actually random people. The sitemeter and statcounter logs are only triggered on the web version of this blog and even then only if Javascript is allowed through. The mobile version is only triggered at source (Google) and Google's log only tells me : Country, OS, Browser, Page, Link used. All info is kept private and I will never disclose that. (It's my duty under all those data protection obligations)

Yep. Those visits make me smile, make me grin, they really brighten up my day. But I'll keep it between you and me. Promise. Unless you comment or hit that like/favourite button on Facebook or Twitter. That's even more awesome than just coming to visit.

Work's been decent too. Yep. I'm insanely busy with covering 3 posts at the moment but things are getting done. Not as much as I'd like but we aren't dropping anything breakable at the moment. Performance review time was today and ... the forms have turned into a meaningless random dartboard but the feedback from the bosses is still good. They like having me around, I add value.

And for someone who depends on their confidence level, that's HUGE. I can and should do better but that's something everyone should be saying. That's not self doubt, it's just analysing what you do to see what could be done better.

I still have those problems to tackle :
My outsides still hate me. Getting better but oh so slowly.
Need to refit the bathroom.
Heating needs fixing.
House needs a severe tidy.
And various other things too. More cash would be nice.

When I'm in the up part of the cycle, those problems seem oh so much easier to handle.

May your mood be good too. And remember, you may just be one sundae away from feeling awesome. Yep. That's part of why I'm feeling good, great dinner at the local Harvester again (before buying all the biscuits in the supermarket) topped off by a Rocky Horror Sundae.

Sundae's are awesome.

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