Thursday, April 02, 2015

And ... relax

Hurrah ! Easter break.

It seems like it's been a long time coming. Oh and yesterday's post ? It was a brilliant (to me at least - lol) idea for an April Fool which I simply couldn't pass up.

Being in a band would actually be pretty awesome but ... you didn't hear the practice recording I did for my potential 1000th post. That got deleted as soon as I listened to it back. Putting my voice on Youtube ... crime against humanity. Honest.

Oh - here's the pic, courtesy of robbing it from a Facebook person earlier :-) :
I'm off work now until after Easter which means :

Lots of relaxing.
Lots of music listening.
Making a dent in what's recorded.
Seeing if I can get enough moulah in Elite to finish fitting out my Asp Explorer ship ...
... and setting off around the galaxy.
But it's not all about play :
Got a lot of tidying up to do as well to make this place fit for visitors again. Cos it would be nice to have someone around. Especially if it's someone just over 5 foot tall, highly cute, with a great taste in music and is one of very few people I can take my emotional armour off when I talk to her. I think I know someone like that.

Lots of work to do before then though and I've been too tired/unhealthy to even think of doing it before now. I've been improving, so I need to kick my butt into gear and stop being so lazy.

I hope people enjoyed yesterday's April Fool Band post as much as I enjoyed writing it. All the codenames in there refer to real people I've mentioned before. If you didn't see yourself in there, I'm so sorry ! I tried to fit in as many people as I thought I could get away with, without making it a megamonster post.

I hope people enjoy whatever time off they get over Easter, it's tough for some because places like retail demand people to be in over a really busy period. So if you go Egg Hunting or sales sharking, have a thought for the poor harried people behind the tills. They want time off too !

Give 'em a smile instead.

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