Tuesday, September 23, 2014

From moving pictures to ...

I see lots of funny pictures coming my way over the net.

It's been a while since I posted any ! So here goes. First up. I'm a dragon fan. I like dragons. They have power. Or they are hypercute. My current twitter avatar is :
My twitter avatar is the one that tends to change at will these days, although I've been diving back into the Facebook archives to get pictures for it.

Dragons aren't real though (Honest!). Unless :
Yes. I have a dragon in the kitchen. He is guarding the front door from atop the fridge-freezer.
Guess who wants a new camera ;-)

We were talking movies the other day weren't we ?
Must watch 2001 again. Must acquire 2010. 2001 was a masterpiece of cinematography with special effects that were miles ahead of their time. But ... it was boring ! 2010 had more excitement, although a lot was sliced out of the book. Talking of books :
I have a very good friend called Cyberkitten who absolutely devours books. Reads them too occasionally

Oh - did I mention cameras earlier ?
Definitely. Although :
There seems to be a gap in movies at the moment. Perhaps they're all struggling to measure up to :
Love that film. And its music. But especially Groot. I suspect Groot models will be a favourite gift this Xmas.

I get identified as a pooter geek fairly often and it happened again today. But. Please :

Last one :
I think I've scared some of the Okcupid people away by being too honest. But - I believe that honesty is the best policy. I am suffering from a long term health condition, although it relented enough today to let me leg it around the Mall. I'm a little bit broken but no way near being an invalid. I won't pretend to be a paragon of health, cos I'm not and never was. But ...

I'll continue to face the world with a massive grin, I'll continue to fight the problems. Some people don't seem to like that ! I see it more as owning the problem instead of being owned by it. However, sometimes it does feel a bit like :
Cya ! I think that's enough piccys for today. Maybe ...
Minions are awesome.

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