Sunday, September 07, 2014

A to Z - K (and a bit of L too)

Oops - I'm kinda running behind on these, I'm actually through the L albums already.

Before I dive into the music, there's problems on Youtube again ... Apparently it's my ISP (virginmedia) doing funny things with how they send the videos through. If you have problems on with Youtube videos, try It might help out.

On to the music !

Kasabian kick it off with their self titled album. It's a respectable album but they're not really my thing. Sometimes with the more mainstream music, I fail to see what people are so excited about. But that's just me and my fascination with sexy female voices.

I have Christmas music ... Keep Calm With Xmas Classics has a tonne of old Xmas music. Some is fantastic, some is Nasty. One the whole, I'm glad I bought it (it was maybe £2-3 a while ago). It's good variation and you know I like my variation.

Ketevan is the latest by Katie Melua and it continues her tradition of soft vocals, great melodies. Decent album.

Talking of sexy female voices, here's Kate Bush who hit the headlines with her live concerts starting this week. But it started way back with The Kick Inside, an album full of character and incredible songs. Check out one I don't think I've linked before, Moving. It's ... moving ?

Quentin Tarantino is one of those love him or hate him directors. His best for me is the two Kill Bill films. The soundtracks are excellent, starting right from the opening Bang Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down sung by Nancy Sinatra.

Another old classic, Queen did the soundtrack to the Highlander movie and turned it into the A Kind Of Magic album. Some decent songs here but my favourite has to be the poignant Who Wants To Live Forever.

Where would we be without a bit of classic glam rock ? And who does it better than Adam Ant. Kings Of The Wild Frontier was another of those excellent albums that's great from start to finish. Including that title track.

One singer who had my heart for tracks like Days was Kirsty MacColl. She was taken from us far too early but leaves us with memorable collections like Kite.

Mansun come in next with the 3 Kleptomania albums. These have a lot of their classic tracks but the best for me is I Can Only Disappoint U.

And I just started diving into the L post a little early ... Shall I keep that for later ? Nah - L is going to be Massive. Here's where I got to :

I'm a Clannad fan. I have most of their albums and there's a few that slot in here. First is Landmarks with the amazing Fado. I'll close my eyes while listening to that and imagine I'm there. Their second L is the soundtrack to the 1980s ITV Robin Of Sherwood (the Michael Praed series). It's a brilliantly carefree sounding album that fit the series perfectly with tracks like Together We. And the third is Lore,

Soundtracks ... The Last Federation is a game released this year, not bad. I haven't played it as much as I should have. (I'm not looking to learn new systems while my mobility is compromised)

Classical - there's a few brilliant classics here :
Carnival Of The Animals - which has been well raided with tracks like Aquarium and Fossiles
Last Night of the Proms - always a highlight of every year. They're joyous.

Enigma sneak in with their third, Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!. It's ok. But it's lacking the character that made MCMXC AD shine. Perhaps running out of ideas.

Bob Marley is an excursion for me - and another who was taken from us too early. An inspirational person in his country with pieces like Redemption Song.

A few one liners :
Gabriella Cilmi's Lessons to be Learned - highlight Sweet About Me
Avril Lavigne's debut - Let Go - with the brilliant Sk8r B0i
Voice of the Beehive - Let It Bee - may I be someone's Man In The Moon
George Harrison - Let It Roll - with the brilliance of My Sweet Lord (I'm not religious but that makes me believe in something)
Levellers - Levelling the Land - hopefully not too long before I can be The Boatman ?
Cardigans - Life - with the brilliance of Daddy's Car and Tomorrow
Madonna - Like A Virgin - will she be a Material Girl ?
Lucy Rose's debut - Like I Used To - nice album, has promise
David A Stewart & Candy Dulfer - Lily Was Here soundtrack

I used to use the title track with the sax and the guitar from Lily Was Here to set up my speakers. There was a sweet spot where the guitar sparkled when you got the treble balance just right.

I have to admit, I've kind of rushed this one out while half listening to the Strictly intro show. So I haven't listened to all the videos before posting (just quick link/quality check) in case there's surprises. Not quite sure what to make of Strictly this year, I don't instantly identify with any of the celebrities which is hurting my interest in the show for this year. I think I'll watch but I'm not ... excited about it.

We shall see !

Hopefully it'll be a good year for Strictly and if we get introduced to another Caro Emerald with the wonderful Dr Wanna Do (that's not Caro singing, this is) routine, yes please.

L post soon :-) But not before I do a few more different posts. Cos I do like to have gaps between these you know ;-). And I wanted to give someone time to read the last one. (I don't think she did but I had my hopes - lol).

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