Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Wishful thinking

Rant time ! (skip to the pictures for more cheerful stuff !)

Well - it would be if the rant wasn't about something that could get me fired. Lol. That's one of those walls I mentioned the other day.

I'd love to talk about work and what we do there. We see what we make in the news occasionally and it's pretty awesome when we do. MH370 ? We have some involvement in the hunt. Philippines tsunami ? We helped. It would give too much away though if I did say here what I did at work (and possibly attract awkward questions that would put me in too much of a spotlight that I don't want!)

But sometimes it feels like we're doing that despite the people who are supposedly in charge. The political system in Blighty is a classic for that old saying "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others that have been tried." We can pick our leaders, great. Except when the system is totally bankrupt of anyone worth a vote.

This rant triggered by a politician in our news at the moment who would have been fired and forgotten so quickly if she'd been on my side of public service. She's admitted to defrauding the public, yet she's not gone yet. The politicians vote themselves in massive pay rises, while preaching adversity and effective pay cuts (1% rise is below inflation, therefore an effective pay cut) to the rest of the country.

Still - we have a better government than a lot of other countries. We can pretty much ignore the government because we effectively police ourselves. We have to. But at least we're not being policed by lawless gangs.

Oh to have people who are actually worth voting for. Except ... when they do appear, they are eliminated from possibility from a media that concentrates on the large parties and preaches that a vote for another party is a wasted vote.

So much for the wishful thinking ... Time to put the rant away !

I have a little more wishful thinking but this pic comes to mind with that :
Haha. I don't own a cat. I'd quite happily adopt a pet. A cat or a dog would be favourite. But I'd need to do a fair bit of work to secure the house and the backyard. Besides, at the moment said Moggy or Pooch would be on their own all day when I'm at work ... and that's not a nice thing to inflict on a dog. Cat maybe, they're more solitary animals - but they do miss their Staff. Even if they don't let their Staff see.

Next pic ! I sent a comment in to the helpdesk at work about a broken home page ... They changed how they hosted our Intranet. The work web pages. If you didn't have that new home page, you were screwed. Anyway, it took a little bit of finding to acquire the address for the new one. And the reply to the comment ?
Yep - the helpdesk reply inspired the grammar nazi in me. Haha.

I mentioned Perfect people the other day too :-) Last pic before I go away and watch loads of videos. Maybe a little Mass Effect 2 as well, cos my wrist feels like glass again and could do with the therapy :
Also put the following in those bubbles : Star Trek, Farscape (definitely), Babylon 5, Marvel anything, Batman and ... the rest ;-). Not forgetting : Doctor Who. If she likes Doctor Who - SOLD ! I just finished watching the end of new series 4 (Donna Noble). RTD was an idiot sometimes but he definitely could reach that combination of Utterly Brilliant and Devastatingly Sad.

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