Sunday, April 20, 2014

A to Z - D

This seems to be accelerating ...

I'm off work this week having a break. That's much needed both from recuperating energy that got nuked by that period of not sleeping and I'll hopefully get a chance to heal up a lot of the damage from the skin condition.

What's the plan ?

Listen to lots of music
Get some game playing in
Watch lots of stuff
Escape the house when the cabin fever hits
Clean the house (lots of clutter!)
And maybe do some other stuff too

That other stuff has already included making a custom Judge Dredd badge for someone in response to a "Why don't they make cool t-shirts in ladies sizes ?" Well ... find a pic, get someone to make the pic what you want and put it on to t-shirt of your choice using transfer paper. I still need to make my dwagon t-shirt. I'd actually like to post that Dredd badge here (I like to show off my work sometimes - it surprises people that there's a little artist in here) but it's got an actual name on so ...

A to Z ? I'm through more than half the library ! In tracks at least. In albums, I'm up to D although I've also been going backwards through the alphabet too. What's in D ?

Chris Rea - Dancing With Strangers. This is a seriously underrated album. The voice kinda takes second stage to the rest of the music but that voice also leads. It's great to listen to.

Soundtracks -
Dark Crystal is a film I don't watch enough, it was one of the last outputs from the late, great Jim Henson. The soundtrack definitely fits the film.
Dark Knight - an ok soundtrack. Hans Zimmer phones them in sometimes, it fits the film but it's ... bland.
Das Boot - if you haven't seen this series, it's a WW2 must about a German submarine crew and it's set when life got very hard for the German U-boats. Very dramatic, guaranteed to get you cheering for the crew. And that was a huge surprise when me and my dad watched it the first time around.
Jessica Curry - Dear Esther. Nice moody soundtrack, must fit the "game" well. It's a game soundtrack but it's debatable whether Dear Esther is a true game or just an exercise in walking a path.
Despicable Me - for some reason, I don't have the second film yet.
Deus Ex - I have 2 soundtracks here. The games are great and they're backed up by excellent soundtracks.
Doctor Who - so much good music ...
Don't Starve - a cult hit game, it has the magic of doing what it does ever so well. It's a youtube favourite. Excellent music too which helps set its mood.
Dredd - atmostpheric, moody soundtrack that is a fantastic complement to a great film.

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon. There's a reason this is one of the best selling albums of all time. Although ... my favourite of their's is Wish You Were Here.

Beth Orton - Daybreaker. I'm keeping an eye on Beth Orton. She's a decent singer, not quite as good as a Lene Marlin or Natasha Khan but, pretty good. Well worth a listen.

Suzanne Vega - Days of Open Hand. This is seriously one of the best albums in my collection. It carries its theme all the way through and really showcases that pure voice that Suzanne Vega blesses us with hearing.

The Staves - Dead & Born & Grown. Talking of purity in voice ... I'll be keeping an eye on the Staves for as long as they're around. 3 ladies with the purist voices, singing in beautiful harmony. Here's the first link of the day : Wisely and Slow.

The Rasmus - Dead Letters. Not bad. Not my favourite but it's still well worth a listen.

Nerina Pallot - Dear Frustrated Superstar. Again, a decent album but not the best. My favourite from Nerina Pallot is Everybody's Gone To War.

Bjork's next with her Debut. Bjork writes the book with crazy, sexy, beautiful, wonderful. If you want an escape from the bland and ordinary, try Bjork.

Another best of - INXS with Definitive. RIP Michael Hutchence, great singer.

Caro Emerald - Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor. Wow. Huge fan of Caro Emerald. There's a rhythm, an attitude, an allure, a sexy quirkiness that flows all the way through her songs. Oh to be That Man. Wonderful album.

Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder was a concert album which brought together all of their best. It included songs up to Momentary Lapse of Reason (bland but still good) but missed their earlier stuff. Decent album but you're better listening to the studio albums. Division Bell is in here too but ... bland.

Gorillaz - Demon Days. Cracking album, it has its own unique character. Love it.

Prince & NPG - Diamonds and Pearls. Bit mixed. There's some amazing and some utter dross here but it's all Prince.

Bangles - Different Light. Has some of their best, Manic Monday, Walking Like An Egyptian but my favourite is always going to be Return Post.

Ani Difranco - Dilate. Has potential but not a favourite.

Dire Straits - the self titled album was an excellent start but it took a few albums for them to become true Sultans of Swing.

Dirty Vegas - this album has the wonderful Days Go By on it. Their usual output is Dance & House but the acoustic version of Days Go By is one where I'll STOP EVERYTHING and sing along.

Daft Punk - Discovery. I need more Daft Punk in my life. If you think of music changing a mood, One More Time definitely sets a toe tapping mood.

Dubstar was a surprise with Disgraceful. Dance-ish electronic music backed by another of those amazingly pure voices. There's rumours of a comeback, I hope they're true cos these people are Stars.

KT Tunstall - Drastic Fantastic. Second album that wasn't quite as good as the first (bit manufactured) but it definitely had its moments.

Kate Bush - The Dreaming. It's hard to think of a best Kate Bush album. They're all excellent. This is one of the better albums. She has the ability to write true albums that are more than the sum of their singles.

And finally - Portishead with Dummy. This has some amazing songs on it from a band full of character. My favourite is the one that closes it off. Glory Box - Wow.

Hmm - might not be long before I'm through E too. Perhaps by the end of this week off ? We shall see !

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