Friday, April 04, 2014

Sittin' on me sofa ...

Chilling on the couch,

Eating all the popcorn,

Enjoying a movie :-)

It's been a long time since I've actually sat on my sofa. Because of my skin condition, which is now hopefully receding, I'd been sitting on the floor or on my pooter chair but not on the sofa. I was avoiding that because I'd been leaking and that coulda wrecked me sofa. It's an old sofa, the springs are starting to break ... but it's my sofa. And I didn't want to wreck it.

But ... sofa time ! Yey !

Good job too cos sitting on that floor was having nasty effects on my hips. If anything stops me playing cricket this summer, it's probably going to be those hips. Problems there mean I can't turn which makes me useless where I field.

What's the movie ? We'll get to that later. Before though ... my poorly leg's been feeling much better :-) I've not had the signals from the muscles that say they're feeling that cramp. So ... I took 'em on a walk today. Just around the centre of Bristol.

I like moseying around the shops, although I don't actually go in many of them. I'm also looking at the people too. I don't think I actually did that too much today. Must have been in thought ... I did get a few smiles out of people though. Which is always good.

Lots of traffic though, it was enough that I could listen (and sing along to) two songs between hitting the stops in the traffic and getting to the car park. Two awesome songs mind, anyone remember Alannah Myles Black Velvet ? The other was Alive by Goldfrapp.

Good job I didn't wind the window down. The other drivers would have been terrified by my singing along. We're also suffering from Smog at the moment, although that seemed to have dispersed by this afternoon. I've been able to literally taste it in the air, yesterday and this morning at least. Smog is nasty. I'm doing my bit ! (points to hybrid car - lol)

I actually bought stuff too -

New albums :
Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Wanderlust - 2 for £15 strikes
Agnes Obel - Aventine - found this singer on a freebie pack and Close Watch immediately hit me as something special
Christina Perri - Head Or Heart - heard it in HMV, liked it, waited until I got home and bought it for half the price
Star Trek Into Darkness soundtrack - great film, loved it

New movies :
Rush - not seen this one, looking forward to it. I watched a real life documentary about its subject and was intrigued. It also enabled a 2 for £25 ...
Man Of Steel - also not seen it but heard a lot of good things about it.
Hunger Games - Catching Fire - amazed this one was in 2 for £25 ...

It'll take a while before I get to listen or watch all that but it will happen ;-).

Movie tonight ? I'm watching Ender's Game. It's a scifi movie set 50 years from roughly now (there are F35's in some scenes). I'm sure I've written about this one before some time ?

Great movie. It builds steadily from simple beginnings into massive battles at the end. It looks amazing too plus it brings through most of the psychology that drove the book. A book I haven't read (yet!) mind ;-)

Back to the movie ! Almost ...

In case I don't mention it - Happy Birthday CK on Monday ! I visited Amazon today but I suspect it won't arrive until or after Monday :-( (must order these things earlier ...)


  1. I noticed that my Wish List had reduced - so I've added a few more... [grin]

  2. Lol - so ... many ... books ...


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