Monday, July 09, 2012

Idle fingers ?

Just nabbed from the Facebook feed :
Made me chuckle when I spotted it.

Phones do everything for us these days ... cameras, texts, communications, internet radio, speed camera warning, emails. What else ... satnav, authenticators for games, calculator, music player ... I hear you can use them to talk to people as well. Imagine that. I can even tell my phone to print stuff on my dad's printer.

It's a bit of a modern curse though.

I was heading into work this morning when I was coming up behind someone going slower than the traffic. They were driving erratically as well, going from one side of their lane to the other. They possibly covered more sideways distance than forwards distance. I figured they were either drunk or on drugs, they were that bad.

Did I overtake ? Hell no. If you overtake someone like that, you can't rely on them stopping. I'd rather not have a drug addict ram me up the backside. (That's bad any way you read it). If you're the one behind, you can rely on your own ability to stop in time.

Anyway. She went straight on at one of the roundabouts while I was turning left. I had a chance to look over and ... guess what. There was a mobile phone being held between idiot and steering wheel, with girlie attempting to punch letters into texts.

That's insanely dangerous. I won't reply or even read texts in the car unless I have a buddy there to press the keys. Answering a call is not so bad - chuck it on speaker or have it coming over Bluetooth handsfree. All I need to do to answer a call in my car is move one finger across to a steering wheel button and then it's on handsfree. But texting ? Punching the correct key takes way too much attention. And it showed in how erratically she was driving.

That's not an anti-women drivers thing by the way - she definitely had the lumpy jumper thing going, just happened to be reinforcing a stereotype - it's not like she was a male Merc driver doing 80mph+ on the motorway outside lane with his newspaper open over his steering wheel. There's dangerous and then there's criminally insane.

There we go - modern problems from modern toys. Hold on ... the old tech newspaper thing was actually more dangerous. Lol :-)

And I'm listening to the wrong album ! Currently chilling out to Alisha Rules The World by Alisha's Attic. Cracking debut album but the track that matches this post better is Barbarella off Illumina. Mind you, the current track (just finishing) is Indestructible which matches the mindset of Girlie Texter.

Still kinda catching up after the weekend.

The recorded stuff on the box is getting under control now by virtue of me not recording much. While Stargate was repeating, I'd have 3-4 pages due to record over a week (1 page = 7 programmes). Now it's 1 and a bit. Not watched a blu-ray for a while either, lots of cricket has been watched.

Watching the usual round of videos - Totalbiscuit, Jesse Cox, Dodger and the Yogscast. I'm still thinking of looking at Minecraft, with one idea there being Sleepypete Minecraft creations. I need inspiration for that though. Maybe if there was a car equivalent for Minecraft where you build computerised racing cars instead of structures.

And perhaps if a Minecrafty type coder reads that ? It might just have planted an idea seed ... I'll leave it there :-)

PS I was thinking on Friday's drive that it might be fun to have a Facebook dictation app. Like - you're driving, you're observing people in their cars around you. You make comments ... and the app snags 'em for Facebook. That could be highly amusing ... Although driving does make me swear too much.


  1. Ok, that was seriously the perfect description of texting drivers. There isn't a turn lane onto my street to I just have to pray that the person behind me is paying attention. The other day the teenage girl behind me was so obviously texting and was for sure going to ram into me. I think they need to advertise the texting/driving laws more, like they do drunk driving. Anyway, you have a nice blog :) I came upon it randomly!

  2. Cheers Sadie :-)

    I'm not sure if it's advertising the driving laws that's needed - just more enforcement of them. I think if we had compulsory retests every 5 years or so, it would sort out a lot of the bad behaviour we see on the roads.

    It's a bit bad that the speed limit for urban roads is seen as a minimum instead of a limit ...


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