Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hurry up and ... wait ?

Haha - this post was awesome this morning when my mind went into blog posting mode again in the airport ...

Been travelling today, which for this particular trip involves a lot of waiting. Portsmouth and London trips are ok, I can handle my own arrangements completely independently. Scotland trips are a bit different because they involve air travel ...

There's a lot of waiting involved with air travel. Today's trip started with getting on the road at 5.10am for a flight at 7.10. The airport's not actually that far away, just 20 miles. You have to go through the centre of Bristol though (according to the satnav! and that's no chore at 5am) so it takes a little longer. But yeah - for air travel, you have to plan to arrive well over an hour before your flight because of all the waiting time :

Time to get through security checks
Time to get to the gates
Time for the queues to move through the gates
Time to get to the aircraft

It's a lot of time where you're effectively doing nothing - nothing you do can decrease the time sunk into the travel activity. It doesn't end there though - you're dependent on the people on the other side to get you where you need to be.

I have to say though - the Scotland end of the project is really well sorted for that. We have Taxi Andy and his shuttle (got me through the Glasgow traffic in record time!) and the two Go To Girls in the office. I should get up there more often.

Some people handle waiting far better than others.

I think I'm ok at waiting now. I just accept the inevitability of it and figure out something to keep my mind active. That's the real key - the phrase "a watched pot never boils" is very apt. If you're watching the pot, the seconds draw by slower. If you're getting on with stuff, suddenly it's 6pm and you've got a mountain of flexi credit to burn.

The daft thing is that when I was in blog creation mode this morning (with nothing handy for noting it down), my supposedly encyclopaedic memory neglected to remember it. Perhaps that's tiredness creeping up on me - it's 10pm now and I was active at 5am. Long day.

Oh ! It can be highly amusing sitting at the back of a plane. The passengers weren't particularly interesting but there were two cabin girls happily chattering away about all & sundry.

She really didn't need a nose job, or liposuction. She was perfect, with a lovely smile when she spotted me grinning up at her while she was doing the drinks trolley thing. But she was talking about having stuff like the lipo and nose done anyway. And why the hell didn't I leave a phone number ? Lol :-) Too shy.

Other observations while waiting - glad I wasn't wearing my jeans today. Coulda been embarassing if they'd fallen down after I needed to take my belt off for security. Will bear that in mind if I do casual flying.

Aaaaand ... I think my brain is quietly frying due to being awake too long, time to hit Publish Post and hope for more coherency tomorrow.

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