Thursday, January 21, 2016

Shop music

I had a request yesterday - a playlist for a shop ...

I think we'd find it difficult to get a cd over to shop (plus I really don't trust my cd drive !) but it sparked one of those dangerous things ... An idea !
So - shop music ? Depends on the shop really. Some shops want to bring you in and show off what they're selling. Other shops want you to hang around, chill out, empty them of coffee, have a natter. Bars will be similar. Nightclubs want to make your ears bleed. And there's the tunes which will stick in your mind and drag you back to the shop later to buy the album.

Mood is a definite reason for selecting certain music. Whether that's wanting to set a certain mood (coffeechill, hyperdance) or catch the general mood. So at the moment, there are two major moods going in music :

Chill out with Take It Easy by The Eagles;
Set a romantic mood with Absolute Beginners by the genius Bowie;
Go for a bouncy mood with Daft Punk (One More Time ?)

The shops will want to draw you in though and hopefully keep you around. And one way of doing that is by having the good music on. I've been caught by that a few times when the shop has been playing some of my favourite music.

It wasn't Untouched by the Veronicas that got me buying their albums in (that shop ending with a V), it was actually You Ruin Me. But Untouched is the track of their's that catches in my head. I'll stick around for that.

The Pretenders do this too, with songs like Brass In Pocket.

More instrumental styles help too, where conversation is important. Enya will always catch the ear with songs like Evening Falls. One for those candlelit restuarants ?

Some artists are a bit mixed. They do gorgeous songs but the mood isn't right. Duffy's Mercy was a nightclub favourite (haha - what do I know about nightclubs ? very little!) but while most of her other sings are absolutely stunning, they're a bit too sad for shops and bars.

With some songs, it's not about the music. It's where you heard it first. Things like hearing Bear Necessities made me want to buy The Jungle Book.

Wonder if I have any songs about chocolate ...

Haha - the Levellers just started with Far From Home. But their song The Boatman makes me dream of being on that narrowboat. Definitely one to play in the bar/coffeeshops near the boating exhibitions.

Christmas songs are very situational but pretty effective too. Can't beat a bit of Wishing On A Star (Rose Royce) or Baby It's Cold Outside.

I wonder how Yello's The Race would do in a car sales place (depends on the car!) or a betting shop ?

Oh my - Eric Clapton with Wonderful Tonight for that bar. Magic. Most of Seal's stuff too. Although sometimes songs like Killer might ... kill the mood. But if you can start a playlist with something like Alisha's Attic's Wonderful You ? (It's a b-side, probably ultra difficult to find sadly) I'm currently listening to Love from Seal's album 7 and it's a good one.

Fleetwood Mac's You Make Loving Fun - wonder when the last time was that this was played in a nightclub ?

Something I've not watched for far too long - T.V. Carpio's version of I Wanna Hold Your Hand from Across The Universe, which had so many fantastic versions of Beatles songs. Imagine that one coming over the speakers when you have someone with you who you wish was ... holding your hand ? And on that note, there's Lisa Miskovsky (who I really need to acquire more albums from) with Take Me By The Hand.

A happy boppy song just started - it's Good Time from Carly Rae Jepsen's album Kiss. Definitely a happy song, it's got me doing the chair boogie that hopefully no one notices you doing. Three albums escaped with me last night, Carly Rae Jepsen's Kiss, Seal 7 and Sia was in there too with We Are Born. I'll be enjoying listening to those bit by bit over the next week or so :-).

Going down my pointers/reminders list I see Glamour Puss (weird video!) by KT Tunstall - one for the clothes and accessories shops ? Also Pretty Woman. Classic.

[cough-splutter] A little further down that list is Lisa Hannigan with Safe Travels (Don't Die). SERVICE STATION MUSIC ! Safe travels on them motorways :-).

And talking of a song that'll stick in your head for days, actually there's a few :
Mindy Gledhill's I Do Adore;
Pretty much anything Nina Simone sings - Feeling Good ?

I'm so tempted to say Ting Tings The Wrong Club, although I'm not sure that's just me seeing it in my list of best songs or whether it's something that might send the wrong message in a shop or a bar. Love the song though and it definitely catches the ear. (Has a swear though!)

I better stop now cos it's going to take a while to catch up with the Youtube links and listen to all these great songs.

Oh - one last one ... This would be a really bad one to have in a Doctor Shop : The Drugs Don't Work by The Verve. Peter Gabriel's Don't Give Up might be better.
Maybe one more. However tempted you are by mischievous feelings, I would advise against playing this song in a shop. Any shop. It's Gorillaz with M1A1 and I nearly chose it as a phone ring tone ...

Last one ! What does a shop want you to do ? Linger ! Here's one by The Cranberries, a group that a Very Special Lady reminded me about a little more than a year ago. Cheers !

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