Monday, July 13, 2015

It's the plague ! For reals !

Ok. Maybe not but we did get some advice this morning over the interwebs at work which could be scary, if you trust Dr Google.
It wasn't that but with some of the behaviour around the loos, there would be less people around. (There's a telltale opening of the stall door followed by the closing of the outer door, without a tap running or hand dryer in between. I know. Throw 'em in the lava.)

The advice was actually about someone having bacterial meningitis in my building (it's a big building) and the things they tell us to look out for are below. Let's take them in turn and say why Dr Google is a Bad Thing.

a fever, with cold hands and feet
Yep. I been hot over the past week, although it's been a fever-chill type hot as my body fights off the nose/throat cold I've had.
Not had this to that extent, thankfully but I have been having nausea when looking to eat. I've been putting this down to the heat. I don't do too well in the heat.
drowsiness and difficulty waking up 
Yep. Got this but it's primarily down to the long term effects of my condition. I had a very long time of sleeplessness and my body is still catching up. That said, when I get moving, I wake up very quickly.

confusion and irritability
Had this a little, see tiredness comment. And irritability can be put down to fighting off that bug, the hidden effects of the skin condition and situations in and around work.

severe muscle pain
Haha. Yep. I have lots of these although it's possibly more skeleton than muscle. Dehydration tendencies manifest in my oversize leg muscles wanting to cramp and there are the problems around my hips.

pale, blotchy skin, and a distinctive rash (although not everyone will have this)
Lol. Lol. Rofl. And more lol. Anyone who's read some of the posts over the past few years will know I've been fighting off blotchy skin, lots of rash and my geek tendencies keep me away from the sun. I joke about returning to a Healthy Pasty White.
a severe headache
I'm lucky that I'm not a migraine sufferer but I have been having more headaches lately. I get them from dehydration. And it's hot at the moment which is drying me out.

stiff neck
Oh definitely. My shoulders and neck dislike me at the moment. I may need to look into my work posture again because that made it settle down a couple of months ago. But my sore neck is down to work posture and connected effects from my shoulder injuries.

sensitivity to light (photophobia) 
Always had this. I go for the shades quite quickly and it's one reason I wear the hat.
convulsion or seizures
Nah. Not had these. Phew !
Point is. You tot all that up and ask Dr Google what's wrong and you'll suddenly jump to the conclusion that you too, have the Dreaded Plaguelurgy and you're going to die in a week. I have most of those symptoms above but I'm pretty sure I don't have the bacterial meningitis we've been warned about. All of the symptoms can be explained away in various ways.

So the advice is - yeah. Do some research. Try to find out what is causing you to have problems. And then ... go see professionals. See a proper Doctor. They know way more than Dr Google. And if you had the problems Dr Google tells you about, you should be seeing a doctor anyway.

I don't think I have Psoriatic Arthritis, although many of the symptoms match that. And I've discussed that with the doctor too. I just think I got an infected bite which then got spread around my body due to disastrous diet decisions. (Am mostly carnivore, being veggy might kill me !) And then it's taken years for all the damage to recede (But I'm seeing the end of it).

Serious note though - I hope the guy with the bacterial meningitis makes a full recovery. It's a serious one and can have nasty after effects for years afterwards.

I hope you escape the nasty bugs. Be well and I hope you have the strength for :
Unless ...
Cya !

PS Actually - I'm looking at that pic again. Did I steal it from a close friend ? I can't remember but that haircut looks very familiar ...

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