Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hungry, Hungry ... games

I'm feeling the tiredness at the moment (and the effects of 90 minutes in a cold, dead car on Tuesday!) so it's a quiet night in.

I did have an opportunity to run into Bath tonight for a leaving run but to be honest - motivation to head out for that leaving run is lacking. It can be really awkward to get around Bristol on a weekday evening and Bath ? Even more awkward ...

However ... that quiet night is part of a Plan ...

It's the release of the third Hunger Games film tomorrow. So I'm rewatching the first two tonight. I'm currently halfway through the first. Could be a late night ...

They're cracking films actually, hopefully the third will see a continuing trend of them getting better and better. I'll be looking to watch it from Cabot circus, after sampling the German Market Bratwurst again.

And their hot chocolate. I've developed a taste for that again ...

If any of my local readers want to join me, I'd be overjoyed :-) Similar for Comic Con at the weekend. I'm still 50:50 about going. I'd love to pick up some of those Genki-Gear t-shirts plus there's a certain mug I want too ...
Anyway - a tired brain wants me to get back to film watching but I thought I'd share a few pictures :
Definitely. Check your biscuit stashes.
If you've been caught in the storms, I hope you're ok.
Had pizza tonight. Fully intend to have chocolate and hot chocolate. Not got any cupcakes, although that's likely to change tomorrow and ... wine is about the only alcohol I drink these days but I leave it for special occasions.
Last one. Stay shiny !

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