Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Pictures Strike Back

My head's been taunting me lately with regards putting stuff on here. I've been having the thoughts that frame a Wall Of Text post when I'm :

Trying to get to sleep
Halfway through reviewing a document
Waiting for the bus

With sleep, it puts my brain into a state that's not conducive to sleep (although some of my posts ? lol!)
When working, it's a distraction and probably shows that I need one of those task breaks to keep my brain fresh. There's a reason why lessons at school tended to be about 45 minutes, it's about as much time you can concentrate for.
And when I'm waiting for the bus, that's about the longest I'll be away from my home keyboards.

But when it comes time to put the thoughts into Wall Of Text ? Are there any left in any rational order ? Hell no ! Well, that's not quite right. There's a couple of themes in my head right now that I could write stuff on. But not tonight ... cricket's on and the half time break is about to finish.

Instead ? Pictures !
(and a very big thank you to all who I've borrowed pics from - there are far more and they all give me much needed chuckles)

Star Wars is coming back. And there's a South Park link :
I should wear my hoodie more and the red shirts less. Wait ... wrong scifi universe !

I don't tend to get the gramma wrong, except when it's intentionally aiming for a simulated type of speech. But I know I miss the occasional word out here and there. That's either a sign of rattled marbles from two cricket ball incidents or ... I'm thinking faster than my fingers can cope with.
I think I have a reputation for being indestructible. I try not to let my skin illness or my muscle/skeletal issues show to the outside. Same with my self doubt. We've had various people over the years who have really tested that strength by being obnoxious and quite scientific bullies. I've outlasted them all. But not many people knew that I was struggling.

Over to you - if you are being so strong that no one thinks you have a problem, yet you really need to talk to people about the Deep Stuff, pick a friend. You'll have an army of them out there who will be over the moon to help.
Or there's coffee. Actually - I posted that a bit comically but ... the best opportunity to talk about stuff at work is over a coffee in the canteen, it's a public place but it's far more private than an open plan office. And if any of the work people are reading, I may not always be available but I will ALWAYS make time for you if you ask. Or any of the online people - I'll just be afk a minute in the kitchen getting me coffee.

One of the incoming themes is age ... I think the cricket playing is pretty much done for me now. But. (I'll talk more about that in the post I make about it).
I wasn't actually glued to the pooter as a teenager. That'll surprise people ! I'd be out in the back garden in my cricket kit, throwing a tennis ball against the wall and whacking it when it came back. Or I'd be grinding the repeatability into the bowling action. I think that's what really set up the natural fitness that I abuse now.
But if I do play again, I need to get that weight down again. Just a little. I don't think I look particularly chubby but I know how much ballast I'm hiding under the t-shirt.

And my "THIS POST IS WAY TOO LONG" alert is binging away. I have lots more pictures too that I want to post ! Oh well. They'll wait for another day. But there's room for just one more :
You're great people. All of you. And on that note - as one of my favourite Youtuber's likes to close : "Goodbye - You're in my hearts, goodbye, bye, by-click" (her version is way more adorable than mine).

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